UCL Department of Physics and Astronomy


Mathematica-based Computing Skills


You will need to have programming skills in Mathematica (version 11). During the sessions you will be helping and advising students who will be completing exercises from problem sheets. You will need to proactively engage students in discussion about their work, while being able to prioritise your time so that all the students receive the assistance they need.

PHAS0012 “Computing for Mathematical Physics”: You will be teaching for one 3.5 hour session a week during the Spring term, on Tuesday afternoons from 2.00 - 5.30pm, subject to timetable confirmation, for a total of 10 sessions. You may also be required to mark and provide detailed feedback on students' formal assignments which are submitted weekly for 8 weeks. Marking is in addition to demonstrating and therefore attracts extra payment. Session 10 is a formal examination and you will be required to invigilate. The position is a commitment to attend all 10 sessions and any briefings. If you will be unable to attend any sessions, you are expected to organise a suitable replacement with the necessary skills in using Mathematica.
Contact: Dr Jasvir Bhamrah.