UCL Department of Physics and Astronomy


Java-based Computing Skills


PHAS0056: “Scientific Computing using Object Oriented Languages”: We need demonstrators for a third-year course on object-oriented programming in Java, with an emphasis on techniques appropriate for scientific computing. You will teach for one or two three-hour sessions during term 1, assisting students with their programming queries and providing guidance in proper programming technique and practice. Those demonstrators with significant Java experience will also be required to mark students' coursework in class and provide detailed feedback on the various elements that are being marked: a pre-defined rubric is used for marking each module to help achieve uniformity of grading between students.

Students attend two three-hour sessions each week, each normally beginning with a short lecture by one of the course coordinators, followed by students working through the associated piece of coursework. In total, the coursework makes up 25% of the final mark: the remainder is made of a mid-term exam (25%), held after Reading Week, and a final exam (50%) held at the beginning of term 2.

You will need to be confident with an object-oriented programming language: while experience of Java is highly desirable, it is possible to learn the Java syntax if you have enough prior experience with a related object-oriented programming language such as C++.

Contact: Prof Ryan Nichol