UCL Department of Physics and Astronomy


Research Fellowships

Dr Christopher Backhouse - Royal Society University Research Fellow

Dr Jo Barstow - Research Fellow

Dr Nikolas Breuckmann - UCLQ Fellowship

Dr David Brooks - Principle Research Fellow

Dr Jim Dobson - Ernest Rutherford Fellowship 

Dr Gabriel Facini - Ernest Rutherford Fellowship 

Dr Jacob Lang - EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship

Dr Ying Lia Li - EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship

Dr Lluis Masanes - Senior Research Fellow

Dr Andy Maxwell - UCLQ Postdoctoral Fellowship

Dr Anna Pappa - Marie Sklodowska- Curie Fellow

Dr Antonio Pontin - Marie Sklodowska- Curie Fellow

Dr Cip Pruteanu -  EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship

Dr Andrew Seel - Research Fellow

Dr Peter Sherwood - Principal Research Fellow III