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Science Centre Lectures

UCL Science Centre Lectures are back.  We will be hosting virtual online lectures so we hope many more of you can join us for our early evening discussions on a huge range of science related topics.

The Science Centre was first established in 1987 by Dr Sadiq Kadifachi and it was incorporated into UCL in 1997. Videos of last terms lectures can be viewed in our archive. The Science Centre Lectures are free lectures on a range of scientific subjects for sixth form students and their teachers. They are held on Friday evenings throughout the academic year.


Lectures are held online using Zoom through the Zoom App or via your browser.  Sign up to lectures here using Eventbrite and start at 6:30pm on the Friday evenings as they always have, and will last approx one hour

The talks are aimed at sixth form students and teachers, but are frequently attended (and enjoyed) by members of the public, teachers, academics and undergraduates. There is usually a lively Q&A session at the end of the talk. Sixth form & fifth form (year 11) students are welcome with or without a teacher.


All talks are held on Fridays at 6.30pm and last for approximately 1 hour, followed by 30 minutes for discussion.  

Autumn Term 2021

5th NovemberFinding Neutrinos in Antarctica and beyond: Searching for exploding Stars, Black Holes, Cosmic Rays and more.Professor Ryan Nichol, 
UCL Department of Physics & Astronomy.
12th NovemberSpace Geodesy – Survey of Planet Earth by Global SatellitesDr Santosh Bhattarai.
UCL Department of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering.
19th NovemberThe Diamond Light Source: A Scientific Tour of X - Ray Synchrotrons, How they work and Applications in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Dr Jeremy Karl Cockcroft- UCL Department of Chemistry.
26th NovemberStrange IceProfessor Andrea Sella. 
UCL Department of Chemistry.
3rd DecemberWhat precisely is Cosmology (and how is it different from Astronomy & Astrophysics)?Dr Susan Pyne. 
UCL Department of Physics & Astronomy.

10th December


Snow Ball Earth and the Beginnings of Animal Evolution.Professor Graham Shields.
UCL Department of Earth Sciences
17th DecemberGravity, Waves & Theories of Everything.Dr Ali Mozzaffari.
Natural Sciences, Faculty of Mathematical & Physical Sciences.

Past Lcturers and Comments

A list of past lecturers and comments by attendees, can be seen on our Past Lecturers and Comments page.