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Extenuating Circumstances

What are Extenuating Circumstances?

Extenuating Circumstances (ECs) are defined as circumstances in your life that are unexpected, significantly disruptive and beyond your control and which may affect your performance at assessment. UCL has a number of mechanisms in place to help and support you, such as an extension, deferral of assessment to a later date or special assessment arrangements such as extra time in an exam or a separate room.

As a student, you are responsible for making known any circumstances which might affect your performance at the time that the circumstance takes place. UCL will then consider the best means of supporting you to achieve your full potential at assessment.

Forms and Further Guidance

Extenuating Circumstances Form
Extenuating Circumstances - Guidance for Students (PDF) - please read this document before completing the above form, it contains guidance about the regulations, what is considered to be extenuating circumstances and what you need to do.