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TV Interviews

TV interviews on Astronomy 2022 with Dr Francisco Diego Quintana, Lecturer (Teaching)

James Webb Space Telescope reaches observation post a million miles from Earth (Euronews - 26 January 2022)

NASA reveals first image from new space telescope (TRT World - 12 July 2022)

What will James Webb show us? | Inside Story (Aljazeera - 15 July 2022)

What's the future of the International Space Station? | Inside Story  (Aljazeera - 27 July 2022)

What impact will Russiaʼs withdrawal have on operations at the ISS? (TRT World - 5 August 2022)


PandA is a celebration of all of the talents within UCL Physics and Astronomy.


UCL Women in Physics Group

We are the Women in Physics Group (WiP) based at University College London. We are a group of passionate people whose aim is to support, inspire, and motivate female, other minority and intersectionality groups in the Physics & Astronomy Department at University College London. The group is open to all genders! We hold a range of events to widen our community and represent and celebrate women in physics! These events include*:

  • Panel Discussions on gender and other diversity topics
  • External/Guest Speakers •Supporting Inaugural Lectures
  • Wikithons
  • Twitter Takeovers!
  • Lunches
  • And many more!

*Not all events are open to undergraduates/pre-university students