RAE 2008

UCL's submission under physics for the Research Assessment Exercise 2008 was the second largest in UCL. It combined activities spanning three departments and several interdisciplinary research centres.

The RAE panel considered 'the research infrastructure to be internationally excellent with world-leading aspects, and appropriate to the size and needs of the Department. Strong support from the University was noted. The sub-panel acknowledged the evidence presented of strong research strategy involving many interdisciplinary interactions, and the presence in the department of a high proportion of early career researchers as well as senior international visitors"

Included in the submission were Physics & Astronomy (PA), Space & Climate Physics (SCP), much of  the activity in Medical Physics & Bioengineering (MPB) and the interdisciplinary London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN). Although these are distinct entities, with independent management and finances they have strong interactions in both research and teaching. The results are due to be published in December 2008.

Atomic, Molecular, Optical & Positron Physics (AMOPP)

Comprising of the following members of the PA department, AMOPP Group:
G Laricchia, A Bain, P Barker, S Bose, D Browne, C Faria, P. Jones, T Köhler, T Monteiro, R Newell, F Renzoni, A Serafini, P Storey, J Tennyson, J Underwood

Research areas in the group are:
Positron-, Positronium-, Electron-Collisions
Laricchia, Tennyson
Ultracold Gases, Quantum Chaos & Statistical Physics
Barker, P.Jones, Köhler, Monteiro, Renzoni
Strong- and Ultrafast-Laser Interactions & Optical Tweezers
Bain, Barker, Faria, P.Jones, Newell, Underwood
Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy
Storey, Tennyson
Quantum Information
Bose, Browne, Monteiro, Serafini

AstroPhysics (AP)

Comprising of the following members from PA department Astrophysics Group and, SCP department:
M Barlow, N Bastian, A Blustin, G Branduardi-Raymont, S Bridle, M Cropper, A P Doel, I Ferreras, I Hepburn, I Howarth, O Lahav, K Mason, M Page, R Prinja, N Rajguru, J Rawlings, L J Smith, R Soria, G TinettiC van Breukelen, S Viti, D Walker, J Weller, D Williams, K Wu, S Zane

Research areas in the group are:
Cosmology and Galaxy Formation
Bastian, Bridle, Cropper, Doel, Ferreras, Lahav, Page, Rajguru, Rawlings, LJ Smith, van Breukelen, Viti, Walker, Weller, Williams
High-energy Astrophysics
Blustin, Cropper, Branduardi-Raymont, Hepburn, Mason, Page, Soria, Wu, Zane
Massive Stars and Star Clusters
Bastian, Howarth, Prinja, L J Smith
Star Formation and Interstellar Environments
Barlow, Rawlings, Viti and Williams
Extra-solar Planets
Barlow, Doel, Lahav, Tinetti and Viti

Solar System Physics (SSP)

Comprising of the following members the PA department Astrophysics Group and, SCP department:
N Achilleos, A Aruliah, A Aylward, A Coates, L Culhane, Z Del Zanna, A Fazakerley, I Furniss, L Green, L Harra, G. Jones, S Matthews, S. Miller, J P Muller, C Owen, K Phillips, A Smith, L van Driel-Gesztelyi

Research areas in the group are:
Planetary Atmospheres
Achilleos, Aruliah, Aylward, Coates, Furniss, G.Jones, S. Miller, Muller
Planetary Surfaces
Coates, Muller, A Smith
Solar Physics
Culhane, Del Zanna, Green, Harra, Matthews, Phillips, van Driel-Gesztelyi
Magnetospheric Physics
Achilleos, Aylward, Coates, Fazakerley, G.Jones, S Miller, Owen
Sun-Earth Connection
Aylward, Fazakerley, Green, Harra, G.Jones, Matthews, Muller, Owen, van Driel-Gesztelyi

High Energy Physics (HEP)

Comprising of the following members the PA department, HEP group:
J Butterworth, M Campanelli, A Connolly (Hill), C Gwenlan, N Konstantinidis, M Lancaster, D.Miller, R Nichol, E Nurse, R Saakyan, M Sutton, J Thomas, R Thorne, D Waters, M Wing

Research areas in the group are:
Collider Physics
OPAL, LEP; D Miller, Thomas. ZEUS; Butterworth, Gwenlan, Sutton, Wing. CDF; Campanelli, Lancaster, Waters. ATLAS; Butterworth, Campanelli, Gwenlan, Konstantinidis, Sutton.
Neutrino Physics
MINOS; Nichol, Saakyan, Thomas. NEMO-III; Thomas, Saakyan. ACORNE and ANITA; Connolly, Nichol, Waters
Butterworth, Gwenlan, Thorne, Wing 

Medical Physics (MP)

Comprising of the following members of the MP department:
P Beard, B Cox, D Delpy, C Elwell, A Gibson, J Hebden, D Holder, B Hutton, A Olivo, G Royle, R Speller, A Todd-Pokropek

Research areas in the group are:
Biomedical Optics
Beard, Cox, Delpy, Elwell, Gibson, Hebden, Holder
The Radiation Group
Hutton, Olivo, Royle, Speller, Todd-Pokropek

Condensed Matter & Materials Physics (CMMP)

Comprising of the following members from PA department, CMMP and LCN
A Shluger, G Aeppli, D Bowler, F Cacialli, D Duffy, T Duke, M Ellerby, J Finney, A Fisher, I Ford, M Gillan, A Harker, B Hoogenboom, S Lynch, K McEwen, D McMorrow, Q Pankhurst, C Renner, I Robinson, C Ruegg, N Skipper, M Stoneham, S Zochowski

Research areas in the group are:
Materials Modelling: Novel Techniques and Applications
Bowler, Fisher, Harker, Gillan, Duffy, Shluger, Stoneham
Quantum-, Strongly Correlated- and Nano-magnetism
Aeppli, McEwen, McMorrow, Pankhurst, Ruegg, Zochowski
Novel Superconductors
Aeppli, McMorrow, Ellerby, Skipper, Renner
Quantum Information in Condensed Matter
Aeppli, Fisher, Harker, Lynch, Stoneham
Nanoscale Imaging
Aeppli, Fisher, Renner, Robinson, Shluger, Stoneham
Organic and Molecular Electronics
Bowler, Cacialli, Fisher, Shluger, Stoneham
Liquids and Disordered Materials
Duffy, Finney, Ford, Gillan, Shluger, Skipper
Bowler, Duffy, Duke, Finney, Hoogenboom, Ford, Pankhurst, Stoneham