Westminster meets The Large Hadron Collider

18 November 2013

'Collider' is a major new immersive exhibition at the Science Museum, which blends theatre, video and sound art to recreate a visit to CERN and explore the LHC. On Monday 11 November 2013, the Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology hosted a special event for Lords and MPs, with guest of honour Professor Peter Higgs, to celebrate the opening of this ground-breaking exhibition.

UCL members of staff, Prof. Jon Butterworth and Dr Gavin Hesketh, as well as PhD students from the High Energy Physics Group (HEP) were on hand to discuss the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), their exhibition stall included electronics designed at UCL for the LHC, which ensures the ATLAS detector stays synchronised with the proton-proton collisions in the LHC happening every 50ns.

The UCL stall

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