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Quantum mechanics explains efficiency of photosynthesis

Light-gathering macromolecules in plant cells transfer energy by taking advantage of molecular vibrations whose physical descriptions have no equivalents in classical physics, according to the first unambiguous theoretical evidence of quantum effects in photosynthesis published today in the journal Nature Communications. More...

Published: Jan 9, 2014 3:48:33 PM

Free Electron Lasers and Attosecond Light Sources Conference

UCL is hosting a conference on Free Electron Laser and Attosecond-Strong Field Science from June 30 to July 2 2014 at UCL. The preliminary  web-page for the conference is now live at
http://www.ucl.ac.uk/phys/amopp/atto-fel-conference More...

Published: Oct 1, 2013 2:24:13 PM

Macroscopic and microscopic work.

Quantum engines must break down

Our present understanding of thermodynamics is fundamentally incorrect if applied to small systems and needs to be modified, according to new research from University College London (UCL) and the University of Gdańsk. The work establishes new laws in the rapidly emerging field of quantum thermodynamics. More...

Published: Jun 27, 2013 9:40:58 AM

Dr Philip Jones

Email philip.jones@ucl.ac.uk
Telephone +44 (0) 20 7679 3422 [Office]; +44 (0) 20 7679 2268 [Lab]


I studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, followed by an MSc in Applied Optics at Imperial College, and a DPhil in Atomic & Laser Physics at Oxford University, working with Dr David Meacher on optical lattices.  I followed David to UCL where I have remained, as a postdoc with Dr Ferruccio Renzoni, and then since 2004 as a Lecturer. 

Research interests

My research is on optical tweezers - a way of trapping and manipulating micron-sized particles using a single, strongly focussed laser beam - and in particular applications to soft matter and the physics/life science interface.

More information is on my website

Lecture Courses

PHAS3443 Lasers & Modern Optics website

PHAS2440 Practical Physics course website (restricted to UCL users)

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