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Minorities and Philosophy

MAP is an international organisation that works to address the structural injustices and barriers that prevent those from marginalized groups from participating in academic philosophy.

Minorities and Philosophy seeks to improve participation of women, BAME, LGBTQ+, disabled and working class philosophers in academic philosophy. This involves a focus on dismantling the mechanisms impeding engagement, promoting philosophical work done from marginalised perspectives, and improving working conditions. 

The UCL MAP chapter was founded in 2015, and is run by a group of graduate students. It runs a series of events throughout the academic year to encourage engagement with work by marginalised voices and help provide support for those scholars. They do this with financial and logistical support from the department. They also consult with the department regularly on questions of accessibility and inclusion, and act as a point of call for raising concerns on these issues. If you want to contact the UCL MAP Chapter, please email them at mapcommittee.ucl@gmail.com

The chapter runs:

  • An annual Harriet & Helen Memorial Lecture, and accompanying Graduate Masterclass.
  • An annual Women’s Dinner for graduate research students and academic staff, to foster a community of women researchers in the department.
  • A reading group for graduate and undergraduate students, focussing on texts written by and/or considering the positions of marginalised groups. In previous years they have read What Is Race? Four Philosophical Views by Spencer, Glasgow, Jeffers and Haslanger, and The Politics of Reality by Marilyn Frye, as well as a selection of papers on race, gender, and disability. In the Autumn term of 2020, they will be reading How to be an Antiracist by Ibrahim X. Kendi (contact the MAP Chapter to join the reading group).
  • A graduate applications session for students from minoritized groups, to discuss the process of applying for graduate study in philosophy.