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Dr. Fiona Leigh

Fiona Leigh
Dr. Leigh joined the department in 2009. In addition to The Sophist, her interests include the so-called 'third man argument' in Plato; the relationship between art (or mimetic production) and moral psychology in Plato; an early Platonic dialogue on courage, the Laches; Plato and Aristotle on imagination (or phantasia); Epicurus' taxonomy of desires; and Platonic virtue ethics generally.

Coordinator of S.V. Keeling Memorial Bequest 

Dr. Leigh oversees and administers the S.V. Keeling bequest to the Department for study and work in ancient philosophy. This involves recruitment of research graduate students eligible for a Keeling graduate scholarship, and the appointment of a Keeling Scholar in Residence. It also involves organising the annual S.V. Keeling Memorial Lecture and Graduate Masterclass, and the biennial S.V. Keeling Memorial Colloquium in ancient philosophy, the proceedings of which are published and edited by Dr. Leigh.

Select publications