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Student Scholarships

The UCL philosophy department offers a number of scholarships annually for graduate students specialising in ancient philosophy and enrolled on the MPhil. Stud. or PhD, and one scholarship for a student enrolled on the MPhil. Stud. and specialising in any area of philosophy. 

Amount and Eligibility 

The Scholarship will fund tuition fees (UK/EU) and full AHRC-equivalent London maintenance for two years (MPhil. Stud.), or for up to three years (PhD). Only applicants to UCL Philosophy research programmes can be considered for a Keeling Scholarship. Applicants should indicate on their application form that they wish to be considered for the Keeling Scholarship by writing 'Keeling Scholarship' in section §29 'Funding'. Applications for 2019 are now closed. Details of applications for 2020 will be posted in Autumn 2019.

    Specific details for MPhil.Stud and PhD Candidates 

    MPhil. Stud. students awarded a Keeling Scholarship for work in ancient philosophy are required to specialise to some extent in ancient philosophy over the two year programme, by completing at least two half year modules in the area of ancient philosophy, attending the weekly Greek philosophy reading group co-hosted by KCL and UCL and presenting a translation in that group at least once in the year, and by writing their research thesis (30,000 words) on a topic in ancient philosophy. 

    PhD students awarded a Keeling Scholarship will be pursuing a doctorate on a topic in ancient philosophy. PhD students will also be expected to attend the UCL-KCL Greek philosophy reading group and to present a translation at least once a year.

    Supervising your thesis

    Those able to supervise graduate research in ancient philosophy at UCL include: Fiona Leigh (Philosophy), Mark Kalderon (Philosophy), Simona Aimar (Philosophy) and Amanda Greene (Philosophy).



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