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Past Lectures

Most of the first ten lectures have been published in Modern Thinkers and Ancient Thinkers, edited by R. W. Sharples (London: UCL Press, 1993). Most of the second ten lectures have been published in Perspectives on Greek Philosophy, edited by R. W. Sharples (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2003). Below you will find a list of all previous Keeling lectures. A volume of lectures from 2011 (and including Gisela Striker's 2004 lecture) is forthcoming. Publication details to be posted soon.

2011 - Present



15 March 2019Prof. MM McCabe - Taking Time to Talk: Plato's Euthydemus on the Metaphysics of Conversation
21 March 2018Prof. Gabor Betegh - The Ingredients of the Soul According to the Timaeus

18 May 2017

Prof. AA Long - Divinity in Plato's Politics

18 March 2016

Prof. Susanne Bobzien - Did Frege Plagiarize the Stoics?

13 May 2015

Prof. David Sedley - 'Socrates' Second Voyage (Plato, Phaedo 99-101)'

12 March 2014
Prof. Gail Fine - 'Knowledge, Belief and Perception in the Phaedo'
10 October 2012Richard Sorabji - 'The Origins of the Idea of Moral Conscience, and Subsequent Consequences'
15 March 2012Lesley Brown - 'Agreement and Truth in Plato'
9 March 2011Malcolm Schofield - 'Philosophy as Debate, Philosophy as Guidance: Cicero's Ethical Writings''

2001 - 2010

18 March 2010Victor Caston - 'The Veil of Perception'
10 March 2009

Stephen Halliwell - 'To Banish or Not to Banish? The Dilemma of Plato's Relationship to Poetry'


22 November 2007David Wiggins - 'What is the Order Among the Varieties of Goodness? An Aristotelian Proposal'
14 November 2006Julia Annas - 'Virtue and Law in Plato'
23 February 2006Luc Brisson - 'Soul in Plato'
8 March 2005Richard Kraut -  'Flourishing: The Central Concept of Practical Thought'
11 March 2004Gisela Striker - 'Mental Health and Moral Health: Moral Progress in Seneca's Letters'
24 October 2002

Dorothea Frede - 'Pleasure and Pain in Aristotle's Ethics'


12 March 2002Martha Nussbaum - 'Compassion and Terror'
2001David Charles - 'Wittgenstein's Builders and Aristotle's Craftsmen'

1991 - 2000

1999Myles Burnyeat - 'Plato and Aristotle on the Pleasures of Philosophy'
1999Sarah Broadie - 'From Necessity to Fate: a Fallacy?'
1997Bernard Williams - 'Plato's Construction of Intrinsic Goodness'
1996T. H. Irwin - 'Morality and Immutability: a Platonic contribution to meta-ethics'
1995Jacques Brunschwig - 'Do We Need New Editions of Ancient Philosophy?'
1994David Furley - 'Aristotle and the Atomists on Forms and Final Causes'
1993John M. Cooper - 'An Aristotelian Theory of the Emotions'
17 March 1992Gunther Patzig - 'Quality of Life in Plato and Aristotle'
12 March 1991 Hilary Putnam - 'Aristotle after Wittgenstein'

1981 - 1990

1990G. E. M. Anscombe - 'Plato's Theory of Forms'
14 March 1989Denis O'Brien - 'Non-Being in Greek Philosophy: Parmenides, Plato, Plotinus'
15 March 1988Michael Frede - 'Aristotle's Conception of the Soul'
11 March 1987Montgomery Furth - 'A "Philosophical Hero"?: Anaxagoras and the Eleatics'
19 March 1985Donald Davidson - 'Plato's Philosopher'
2 February 1984Jonathan Barnes - 'A Third Kind of Logic: The Discovery of the Logic of Relations'
14 February 1983Gregory Vlastos - 'Socrates and Athenian Democracy'
18 May 1982Stuart Hampshire - 'Morality and Perfection'
12 November 1981A. J. P. Kenny - 'Aristotle on Luck'