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Keeling Colloquium

Every few years, the UCL Philosophy Department in conjunction with the UCL Department of Greek and Latin organises a colloquium on a theme or a text in ancient philosophy. On some occasions, but not always, colloquia examine the relation between ancient and contemporary views on the given topic or theme.

Future Keeling Colloquia 

Details of the next Keeling Colloquium will be posted here.


Previous Keeling Colloquia: 

Details of previous Keeling Colloquia can be found here

Keeling Colloquium Volumes 

Particulars in Greek Philosophy (ed. R. Sharples)

The Eudemian Ethics on the Voluntary, Friendship, and Luck (ed. F. Leigh)

Philosophy and the Sciences in Antiquity (ed. R. Sharles)

Plato and Aristotle's Ethics (ed. R. Heinaman)

Whose Aristotle? Whose Aristotelianism? (ed. R. Sharples)

Aristotle and Moral Realism (ed. R. Heinaman)