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Events at the Keeling Centre

Ancient Philosophy Seminar Series, Institute of Classical Studies, 2019-2020

14/10/19: Saloni de Souza (UCL): 'Unbreakable Laws Broken in Plato's Parmenides (Room G21A, Senate House)

28/10/19: Merrick Anderson (UCL): 'The Structure and Anatomy of Platonic Virtues' (Room 246, Senate House)

11/11/19: Paul Woodruff (University of Texas at Austin): 'Why is Socrates Happy?' (Room 243, Senate House)

25/11/19: Dimitri El Murr (Ecole Normal Superior): 'Platonic Zoology' (Room 246, Senate House)

09/12/19: Katharine O'Reilly (KCL): 'Epicurus on Pain and the Recollection of Pleasure' (Room 246, Senate House)

13/01/20: Tim Clarke (University of California, Berkeley): 'The Problem of Being in the Sophist' (Room 246, Senate House)

27/01/20: Anthony Price (Birkbeck): 'Aristotelian Continence Reconsidered (Room 246, Senate House)

10/02/20: Rachel Barney (Toronto): 'Imagery and Utopia in Plato's Republic' (Room 246, Senate House)

24/02/20: Alex Brown (Oxford): 'When is "If the first, the second" true?  An Epicurean contribution to the Hellenistic Debate' (Room 246, Senate House)

09/03/20: Mary Margaret McCabe: 'Framing (some)self in the Platonic Dialogues' (Room 246, Senate House)

23/03/20: Malcolm Schofield : 'Aristotle's middle constitution (Pol. 4.11) (Room 246, Senate House)

04/05/20: Marion Durand (Oxford): 'The Stoics on tenses' (Room 246, Senate House)

26/05/20*: Anna Marmadoro (Durham): 'Building the world without relations.  The master builders: Anaxagoras, Plato and Aristotle' (Room 246, Senate House)

*Please note that due to the bank holiday, the final meeting of 26/05/19 falls on a Tuesday.


2019 UCL - KCL - Oxford - Yale Workshop

The 2019 UCL - KCL - Oxford - Yale Workshop on 'Knowledge, Value and Modality in Ancient Philosophy' took place on 13th - 14th May 2019.

May 13th (Roy Griffiths Room, Keble College)

10.30-12: Simon Shogry (Oxford) Vicious character traits as rational mistakes: the early Stoic account of the diversity of wrongdoing

Response: Elena Cagnoli Fiecconi (UCL)

Chair: Ursula Coope (Oxford)


1.30-3: Dan Ferguson (Yale): The ‘belonging to a kind’ reading of the Eudemian ergon argument

Response: Karen Margrethe Nielsen (Oxford)

Chair: Sophia Connell (Birkbeck)


3.30-5: Mike Coxhead (KCL) Motivating Aristotle’s account of ἐπίστασθαι ἁπλῶς (APo 1.2: 71b9-13): ideal ἐπιστήμη and the value of stability

Response: Michail Peramatzis (Oxford)

Chair: Udit Bery (Yale)


May 14th (Harris Room, Oriel College)


10.30-12: Alesia Preite (Oxford) Cognitive Hula Hoop: The Role of Sameness and Difference for the World Soul and for Human Souls in the Timaeus

Response: Mark Kalderon (UCL)

Chair: Verity Harte (Yale)


1.30-3: Lea Schroeder (Yale) Epictetus on ethical prolēpseis

Response: Alex Bown (Oxford)

Chair: Fiona Leigh (UCL)


3.30-5: Simona Aimar (UCL) Modality in Aristotle

Response: David Charles (Yale)

Chair: Harry Alanen (Oxford)

2019 Keeling Graduate and Early Career Conference 

The first Keeling Graduate and Early Career Conference took place at UCL on 17th-18th May. 


Keynote Speakers: Karen Margrethe Nielsen (Oxford) and Raphael Woolf (KCL).  

S.V. Keeling Memorial Lecture 2019


London Ancient Science Conference 2019


For full details of speakers and paper titles, see the conference programme

For more information on this year's and previous London Ancient Science conferences, click here

Plato's Pleasures: New Perspectives


UCL-Yale Workshop: Virtue & Value in Plato and Aristotle

Virtue and Value Poster