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Events at the Keeling Centre

The Seventh Triangle Graduate Colloquium

Friday, 5th March, 2021

10.15-11.30:    Alesia Preite (Oxford), 'What does the Universe Think About? On Cosmic Perception and Cognition in the Timaeus.' 

Comments by Lawrence Evans (UCL) 


11.30-11.45:    Break

11.45-1: Natashja Van Luijn (Cambridge), 'The epistemological function(s) of the comparisons in Democritus' B164’   
Comments by Hermann Koerner (Oxford) 


1-3.30:             Lunch 

3.30-4.45:        Luca Dondoni (KCL), 'The Quest for Fundamentality: Eleatic and Platonic Metaphysics and the Challenge of Infinite Descent' 

Comments by Andrew Romanowski (Cambridge) 


Chairs: Raphael Woolf, Gábor Betegh, Michail Peramatzis


The Sixth Triangle Graduate Colloquium

Friday 30th October 2020, via Zoom

Branislav Kotoc (London) 'Say What You Believe - The Sincerity Condition 
in Plato'. Jacob Andersen (Cambridge) to respond. Chair: Frisbee 


Chiara Martini (Oxford) ‘Aristotle on Geometrical Objects’
Luca Dondoni (London) to respond; Chair: Joachim Aufderheide

3.15-4.30pm  Zoe Audra (Cambridge): ‘Heraclitus'  Theory of Action’
Daniel Harkin (Oxford) to respond. Chair: Alex Bown

Plato and the Sophists Workshop (20th and 21st February, 2020)

Thursday 20th February

11-12.30 Timothy Clarke (Berkeley), ‘Polyxenus and the Third Man’

12.30-2 lunch break

2-3.30 Merrick Anderson (UCL), ‘Sophistic Dialectic in Republic 2?’

3.30-4 tea & coffee (provided)

4-5.30 Rachel Barney (Toronto), ‘Protagoras the Pluralist’

Pub, followed by dinner for participants


Friday 21st February

10-11.30 Fiona Leigh (UCL), ‘A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing? Socrates and Sophistry in the Sophist and the Euthydemus’

11.30-11.45 short break   

11.45-1.15 Saloni de Souza (UCL), ‘We Don't Need No Education: Sophistry in the Euthydemus’

1.15-2.15 lunch (provided)

2.15-3.45 Evan Rodriguez (Idaho), ‘Mapping Methodological Connections Among Plato and the Sophists’

3.45-4 tea & coffee (provided)

4-5.30 Luca Castagnoli (Oxford), ‘Plato on Fallacies as Appearances’


London Ancient Science Conference (17th-21st February, 2020)

There are parallel sessions for the first part of Monday. So for the first part of the day, Plato in G34 and Aristotle in G37
Aristotle: G37
09:30 – 11:00 Aristotle, Memory And Soul 
Anna Schriefl And Mor Segev - Aristotle On The Beginning Of Soul Activities In Embryos.
Sophia Connell - Aristotle On Memory And Emotion In Humans And Other Animals.
Sean Costello - Aristotle On The Role Of Emotion In Memory.

11:30 – 13:00 Aristotle And The Elements
Farzad Mahootian - Aristotle's Mixt Debt To Plato.
Richard Neels - Aristotle's Elements And The Conservation Of Matter.
Tiberiu Popa - Aristotle On Invisible Structures.

14:00 – 15:30 Aristotle And The Eleatics
Takashi Oki - Aristotle’s Refutation Of The Eleatic Argument In Physics I.8.
Enrico Volpe - The Aristotelian Criticism Of Eleatic Philosophy As Rational Foundations For The Physics.
Margaret Scharle - Divine Imitation In Aristotle's Natural Science

G34 09:30 – 11:00 Plato, Maths & Method
Nese Aksoy - Sciences And Philosophy In Plato’s Republic.
Michalis Tegos - Dunamis: Mathematics, Medicine, Philosophy.
Laura Marongiu - Mathematical Examples In Plato's Thought.

G34: Plato
11:30 – 13:00 Socrates And Early Plato
Jeremy Henry - Socrates The Expert.
Miriam Byrd - Moral Psychology In Plato’s Early Dialogues.
Taichi Miura - Holistic Medicine In Plato’s Charmides.

14:00 – 15:30 Plato And Platonists
Jeremy Byrd - Necessity In Plato’s Timaeus.
Vilius Bartninkas - Xenocrates On The Physical Dimensions Of The Ouranos. Selene Brumana - How Does The Demiurge Work In Cicero's Timaeus? Some Philosophical Remarks.

G34 (Joint)
16:00-17:00: Law and Science
Moshe Pinchuk - Ancient Theories Of Conception And Their Impact On Legal Adjudication
Andres Pelavski Atlas - Medicine And Law: Shared Ideas On Impaired Consciousness Between Doctors And Jurists.

Symposium Session
17:30-18:00: Andrew Gregory – Leucippus And Democritus, Mechanism And Determinism?

Tuesday 18th February

09:00 – 10:00: Hellenistic Astrology
Max Mazoteras Miras - Astrology: Interdisciplinary Interactions In Late Antiquity Claire Hall - Horoscopes Of The Moon: Ptolemy And The Astrology Of Weather Prediction

10:30 – 12:00 Panel – The Material Foundations Of Greek Philosophy And Science Robert Hahn - The Metaphysics Of Modular Thinking, Substance Monism, And The Origins Of Greek Philosophy: Architecture, Geometry, Coinage, And The Felting Of Wool
Dirk Couprie - Anaximenes And The Millstone

13:00 - 13:45 Panel - The Material Foundations Of Greek Philosophy And Science
Andrew Gregory – The Phaeacian Ships – Mythical And Real Seamanship And Cosmology.

14:00 – 15:30 Ancient Philosophy Of Science
Sepehr Ehsani - The Old Linguistic Problem Of Reference' In A Modern Reading Of Plato's Sophist
Nathanael Stein - Does Aristotle Have A Metaphysics Of Causation?

16:00 – 17:00 Asian Science
Dilan Ranaweera - Sustainable Water Management Technology Used In Ancient Tanks In Sri Lanka
Ravi Gomatam - On The Indivisibility Of The Modern Atom — Quantum Theory And Ancient Bhagavata Sankhya

17:30 – 18:00 Symposium Session Nathasja Van Luijn - Like In A Clepsydra: Epistemological Differences Between Ancient Greek Philosophical References To The Clepsydra

Wednesday 19th February
09:00 – 10:30 Hellenistic Cosmology
Paul Hullmaine - Ptolemy’s Rejection Of Aristotle’s Cosmology
Jason Morris - In The Shadow Of The Groma: Cosmology, Astronomy, And Measurement In The Writings Of The Roman Land Surveyors
Stamatina Mastorakou - First Visualizations Of The Sky On Aratus Phaenomena

11:00 – 12:00 Space And Place
Fei-Ting Chen - Natural Place Or Ordinary Place? On Aristotle's Physics 4.8 Vishnya Knezhevich - The Ambiguous Chwra

13:00 – 14:30 Panel - The Material Foundations Of Greek Philosophy And Science - Richard Seaford - Coinage And The Origin Of Philosophy
William Wians - The Commerce Of Ancient Ideas

15:00 – 15:45 Keynote Speaker Daniel Graham - Earth, Wind, And Fire: Aristotle On Violent Storm Events

16:00 – 17:00 Ancient Medicine
Thomas Kelly - Literary Doctors: Greek Medicine And Poetry In The Imperial Period.
Jessica Wright - The Vulnerability Of The Brain In Ancient Greek Medical And Philosophical Thought.

17:00 – 17:30 Ancient Philosophy Of Science
Brian Pitts - Metainduction In Ancient Science

18:00 – 18:30 Symposium Session Stavros Kouloumentas - The Derveni Cosmogony: Is The God A Good Mathematician?

Thursday 20th February
09:00 – 10:00 Session
Andrea Pasqui - Egyptian Cosmogony As Model For Architecture. Mundus Imaginalis As A Way Of Interpreting Funerary Buildings
Denis Maksimov - Ancient Delphi As The Oikumene's Centre Of Future Studies

10:30 – 12:00 Early Natural Philosophy 
Radim Kocandrle - The Earth As A Body In Archaic Ionian Cosmologies
Andre Baptista - There Is A Comet On The Way: Assessment Of An Impact On Ancient Natural Philosophy
Demetris Nicolaides - Einstein’s Block Universe And Parmenides’s Being

13:00 – 14:30 Panel - The Material Foundations Of Greek Philosophy And Science - Joanne Waugh - Ancient Science And Philosophy In Context: Writing And Literacy Harald Tarrant - On The Limited Relevance Of Writing To Early Greek Philosophy

15:00 – 15:45 Panel - The Material Foundations Of Greek Philosophy And Science Gaston Basile - The Material Dimension In Early Greek Prose.

16:00 – 17:30 Ancient Medicine
Michiel Meeusen - Medical Vulgarisation In Gellius’ Attic Nights (18.10)
Chiara Blanco - Beneath The Skin: Investigating Cutaneous Conditions As Somatisations Of Gendered Emotions
Clifford Robinson - The Consolation Of Medicine: Galen's Avoiding Distress, The Rejection Of Politics, And Philosophy's Fulfillment In Medicine.

18:00 – 18:30 Symposium Session Michael Augustin, Caterina Pello - Life And Lifeforms In Early Greek Atomism

Friday 21st February
09:00 – 10:00 Mathematics
Oliver Thomas - Heron Of Alexandria On The Area Of Circle Segments
Benjamin Wilck - What The Order Of The Definitions In The Elements Can Tell Us About Euclid's Philosophical Commitments.

10:30 – 12:00 Empedocles
Teresa Padilla - The Metaphysical Principles Of The Empedoclean Historia Peri Physeos.
Vojtech Hladky - Empedocles’ Zoogony: An Attempt At A New Reconstruction Katarzyna Kleczkowska - Animals In The Philosophy Of Empedocles Of Akragas

13:00 – 14:30 Time And Cosmology
Jon Griffiths - The Asymmetrical Cosmology Of The Timaeus According To Aristotle
Lorenzo Lazzarini - On Plato's Conception Of Time
Kemal Isik - History Of Time: An Analyisis Of The Notion Of Aiwn In Antiquity.

15:00 – 15:30 Aristotle & Method
Giampaolo Abbate - Aristotle’s Account Of Causation Vs. A Scientific Model Of Explanation

15:30 – 16:00 Hypatia
Denise Sumpter – Representations of Hypatia

16:30 – 17:00 Symposium Session Karolina Jirakova - Joke As Part Of Aristotle's Method In De Anima


The Keeling Memorial Lecture 

Unfortunately, the person who was scheduled to give the S.V. Keeling Memorial Lecture in Ancient Philosophy for the academic year 2019-2020 has had to cancel.  However, we are delighted to announce that Prof. Alexander Nehamas (University of Princeton) will be giving the the 2020-2021 Lecture and Prof. Rachel Barney (University of Toronto) will be giving the 2021-2022 Lecture.

Click here to learn about Prof. Alexander NehamasClick here to learn about Prof. Rachel Barney

The Fifth Ancient Philosophy Triangle Graduate Colloquium 29th November, 2019 (Philosophy, UCL)

11:15: Coffee

11:30-12:45: Session 1: Kyo-Sun (KCL): ‘Why and in what sense is the just life  the most pleasant kind of life?: Republic IX, 580c-583a’; response: Zoë Audra  (Cambridge); chair: Ursula Coope (Oxford)

12:45-14:00: Lunch

14:00-15:15: Session 2: Guus Eelink (Oxford): ‘Why knowledge is not perception: Theaetetus 184b-187a’; response: Chandler Clark (UCL); chair: Nicholas Denyer (Cambridge)

15:30-16:45: Session 3: Rares Marinescu (Cambridge): ‘Proclus’ criticism of Aristotelian causality’; response: Alesia Preite (Oxford); chair: Shaul Tor (KCL)

16:45: Coffee


Ancient Philosophy Seminar Series, Institute of Classical Studies, 2019-2020

14/10/19: Saloni de Souza (UCL): 'Unbreakable Laws Broken in Plato's Parmenides (Room G21A, Senate House)

28/10/19: Merrick Anderson (UCL): 'The Structure and Anatomy of Platonic Virtues' (Room 246, Senate House)

11/11/19: Paul Woodruff (University of Texas at Austin): 'Why is Socrates Happy?' (Room 243, Senate House)

25/11/19: Dimitri El Murr (Ecole Normal Superior): 'Platonic Zoology' (Room 246, Senate House)

09/12/19: Katharine O'Reilly (KCL): 'Epicurus on Pain and the Recollection of Pleasure' (Room 246, Senate House)

13/01/20: Tim Clarke (University of California, Berkeley): 'The Problem of Being in the Sophist' (Room 246, Senate House)

27/01/20: Anthony Price (Birkbeck): 'Aristotelian Continence Reconsidered (Room 246, Senate House)

10/02/20: Rachel Barney (Toronto): 'Platonic Predication' (Room 246, Senate House)

24/02/20: Alex Brown (Oxford): 'When is "If the first, the second" true?  An Epicurean contribution to the Hellenistic Debate' (Room 246, Senate House)

09/03/20: Mary Margaret McCabe: 'Framing (some)self in the Platonic Dialogues' (Room 246, Senate House)

23/03/20: Malcolm Schofield : 'Aristotle's middle constitution (Pol. 4.11) (Room 246, Senate House)

04/05/20: Marion Durand (Oxford): 'The Stoics on tenses' (Room 246, Senate House)

26/05/20*: Anna Marmadoro (Durham): 'Building the world without relations.  The master builders: Anaxagoras, Plato and Aristotle' (Room 246, Senate House)

*Please note that due to the bank holiday, the final meeting of 26/05/19 falls on a Tuesday.


2019 LOXY (UCL, KCL, Birkbeck, Royal Holloway), Oxford, and Yale Conference in Ancient Philosophy


Knowledge, Value and Modality in Ancient Philosophy

May 13th-14th at Oxford University


May 13th (Roy Griffiths Room, Keble College)

10.30-12:         Simon Shogry (Oxford) Vicious character traits as rational mistakes: the early Stoic account of the diversity of wrongdoing

Response: Elena Cagnoli Fiecconi (UCL)

Chair: Ursula Coope (Oxford)


1.30-3pm         Dan Ferguson (Yale): The ‘belonging to a kind’ reading of the Eudemian ergon argument

                        Response: Karen Margrethe Nielsen (Oxford)

Chair: Sophia Connell (Birkbeck)


3.30-5pm         Mike Coxhead (KCL) Motivating Aristotle’s account of ἐπίστασθαι ἁπλῶς (APo 1.2: 71b9-13): ideal ἐπιστήμη and the value of stability

                        Response: Michail Peramatzis (Oxford)

Chair: Udit Bery (Yale)


May 14th (Harris Room, Oriel College)


10.30-12          Alesia Preite (Oxford) Cognitive Hula Hoop: The Role of Sameness and Difference for the World Soul and for Human Souls in the Timaeus

                        Response: Mark Kalderon (UCL)

Chair: Verity Harte (Yale)


1.30-3:             Lea Schroeder (Yale) Epictetus on ethical prolēpseis

                        Response: Alex Bown (Oxford)

                        Chair: Fiona Leigh (UCL)


3.30-5              Simona Aimar (UCL) Modality in Aristotle (tbc)

                        Response: David Charles (Yale)

                        Chair: Harry Alanen (Oxford)

2019 Keeling Graduate and Early Career Conference 

The first Keeling Graduate and Early Career Conference took place at UCL on 17th-18th May. 


Keynote Speakers: Karen Margrethe Nielsen (Oxford) and Raphael Woolf (KCL).  

S.V. Keeling Memorial Lecture 2019


London Ancient Science Conference 2019


For full details of speakers and paper titles, see the conference programme

For more information on this year's and previous London Ancient Science conferences, click here

Plato's Pleasures: New Perspectives


UCL-Yale Workshop: Virtue & Value in Plato and Aristotle

Virtue and Value Poster