UCL Philosophy


Spring 2018 - Plato Laches

Location: Mark Kalderon's Office (Basement, 19 Gordon Sq, UCL)

  1. 18th Jan: 178a1 - 181a2: Frame conversation, introduction of Socrates (Niels Christensen)
  2. 25th Jan: 181a3 - 183c7: Nicias's speech (about fighting in armour), and half of Laches' speech (about the same) (Will Eckersley)
  3. 1st Feb: 183c7 - 185d4: Second half of Laches' speech, Socrates' questions - are they expert, and what about, exactly? (Enrique Altimari)
  4. 8th Feb: 185d5 - 187e4: Socrates clarifies: care of the soul, who is expert in this? (Taichi Miura) NOTE: NO SESSION IN UCL'S READING WEEK (12th-18th Feb) 
  5. 22nd Feb: 187e5 - 190e3: Socrates takes a new tack: what is courage? (Branislav Kotoc) NOTE: THIS IS KCL'S READING WEEK, WHEN WE WILL HOLD A SESSION THIS TERM 
  6. 1st Mar: 190e3 - 192d9: Laches' first two answers, and Socrates' refutation of each (Kyo-Sun Koo)
  7. 8th Mar: 192d10 - 194d5: Laches' third answer, Soc's refutation, and Nicias's suggestion that courage is a kind of wisdom (Connor Fairbairn)
  8. 15th Mar: 194d6 - 196e9: Elaboration of courage as a kind of knowledge (of fearful and hopeful), question of the object of knowledge, and animals and wisdom (Tom Mackenzie)
  9. 22nd Mar: 197a1 - 199b2: Nicias's clarification on animals and virtue, Socrates on courage as a part of virtue, and knowledge of a subject over time (Margaret Hampson)
  10. 26th Mar: 199b3 - 201c5: Socrates' refutation of Nicias, their prospects of learning about courage (Michael Rhodes) NOTE: THIS IS A MONDAY, BEFORE THE ICS SESSION. Otherwise we will be reading a week after UCL's term ends, and the day before Good Friday and the Easter break, which may be undesirable for many.