UCL Philosophy


Autumn 2017 - Aristotle, Politics 1

Thursdays 14:00-16:00, KCL, Philosophy Dept. Room 605

Aristotle, Politics 1

• Session 1 (28th September): 1252a-1252b27

• Session 2 (5th October): 1252b27-1253b23

• Session 3 (12th October): 1253b23-1254b2

• Session 4 (19th October):1254b2-1255b4

• Session 5 (26thth October): 1255b4-1256a40

• Session 6 (2nd November): 1256a40-1257a41

• Session 7 (9th November): 1257a41-1258a18

• Session 8 (16th November): 1258a19-1258b39

• Session 9 (23rd November): 1258b39-1259b17

• Session 10 (30th November): 1259b18-1260b24


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For further reading suggestions, see the SEP entry on Aristotle's political theory.