UCL Philosophy


2018, Summer - Work in Progress

Location: 105b Roberts Building, UCL

Plato's Laches continued from Spring term 2018

Thurs Apr 26, 2-4, Laches 197a1-199b2, Margaret Hampson

Thurs May 3, 2-4, Laches 199b3-201c5, Michael Rhodes

Staff & Post-doctoral Researchers' Work in Progress

Thurs May 10, 2-4, 'Empedoclean Problems of the Self and the Function of the Daimonology', Tom Mackenzie (UCL, Greek & Latin)

Thurs May 17, 2-4, 'Nutritive and sentient soul in Aristotle's embryology', Sophia Connell (BBK, Philosophy)

Thurs May 24, 2-4, TBA, Sol Tor (KCL, Classics & Philosophy)

Thurs May 31, 2-4, 'Imitating Virtue', Margaret Hampson (UCL, Philosophy)