UCL Philosophy


2016-2017 - Timaeus

Reading schedule for the Spring Term (2017)

Session 1 (Jan 19th): 47e3-50c8 

Session 2 (Jan 26th): 50c9-53c4

Session 3 (Feb 2nd): 53c5-56c7

Session 4 (Feb 9th): 56c8-59a8

Session 5 (Feb 16th): 59b1-61d6

Session 6 (Feb 23rd): 61d7-64c7

Session 7 (March 2nd): 64c8-67c4 

Session 8 (March 9th): 67c5-69e6

Session 9 (March 16th): 69e6-72d8

Session 10 (March 23rd): David Sedley talk (Recollection in the Timaeus)


Reading schedule for the Autumn Term (2016)

Session 1 (Oct 6th): 17a1-20c3 (…δέέχεσθαι)

Session 2 (Oct 13th): 20c4-23d1 (…παρεδεξάάμμεθα)

Session 3 (Oct 20th): 23d1-26e1 (…ζητητέέον)

Session 4 (Oct 27th): 26e2-29d6 (…πέέραινε)

Session 5 (Nov 3rd): 29d7-33b1 (…ἐτεκτήήνατο)

Session 6 (Nov 10th): 33b1-36d7 (…φερομμέένους)

Session 7 (Nov 17th): 36d8-39e2 (…φύύσεως)

Session 8 (Nov 24th): 39e3-42d2 (…ἕξεως)

Session 9 (Dec 1st): 42d2-45b2 (…πρόόσθεν)

Session 10 (Dec 8th): 45b2-47e2 (…ἐδόόθη)