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UCL-KCL Ancient Greek Philosophy Reading Group

During term time, Thursdays 2pm-4pm, Staff and Students of the Keeling Centre attend an Ancient Greek Philosophy Reading Group, co-convened with Ancient Philosophy Staff and Students from Kings College London. 

A text (an entire dialogue or book of a treatise) is the focus of one or more terms. Participants take it in turns to translate and comment on a set section of the text, with discussion following. 

Holders of the Keeling Scholarship are required to attend, and to translate and present once a term. MPhil Stud students can take this course for credit, and are required to submit an essay or commentary on an aspect of the text, in addition to attending and presenting throughout the year. 

In the Summer Term, Staff and Students present work in progress, or translate an 'Old Chestnut' - a famous passage of an ancient text - offering new insights into the passage.

The text for the Spring Term, 2020 is Plato's Charmides (Thursdays, 2-4, Room 605 (Seminar Room), Philosophy Department, KCL.  Schedule (Line references are to Burnet’s Oxford Classical Text):

Week 1 (Jan 16) – 153a1-155b8 - Raphael

Week 2 (Jan 23) – 155b9-157c6 - Branislav

Week 3 (Jan 30) – 157c7-159d12 – Niels 

Week 4 (Feb 6) – 159e1-162b3 – Dom and Alice

Week 5 (Feb 13) – 162b4-164c6 – Glenda and Lisa

Reading Week – No seminar

Week 6 (Feb 27) – 164c7-166e3 – Marco and Antonio

Week 7 (Mar 5) – 166e4-169a7 (phamen einai) – Chandler and Alba

Week 8 (Mar 12) – 169a7 (egō men ou)-171c10 – Marco and Alba

Week 9 (Mar 19) – 171d1-174a9 – Lisa and Luca

Week 10 (Mar 26) – 174a10-176d5 – Chandler and Dom


Schedule for Republic X Reading Group

3/10/19: 595a1-597e9 (Mimesis 1: three beds)
10/10/19: 598a1-600e3 (Mimesis 2: from painting to tragedy)
17/10/19: 600e4-603b6 (Mimesis 3: epistemology and psychology)
24/10/19: 603b7-605c4 (Mimesis 4: psychology of tragedy)
31/10/19: 605c5-608b3 (Mimesis 5: the most serious charge)
14/11/19: 608b4-611a9 (Immortality of soul)
21/11/19: 611a10-613e4 (Glaucus, reputation and rewards)
28/11/19: 613e5-616b1 (Er's tale 1: rewards and punishments)
05/12/19: 616b2-619b1 (Er's tale 2: the spindle of necessity)
12/12/19: 619b2-621d3 (Er's tale 3: choosing lives)

Previous Texts

Spring 2019: Aristotle, Politics II

Autumn 2018: Plato, Apology

Spring 2018: Plato, Laches

Autumn 2017: Aristotle, Politics 1

2016-17 (All year): Plato, Timaeus

Spring 2016: Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics, Book X

Autumn 2015: Aristotle, De Motu Animalium (UCL); Sextus Empiricus (KCL)

Spring 2015: Aristotle, Rhetoric Book II

Autumn 2014: Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics, Book VI

Spring 2014: Plato, Sophist

Autumn 2013: Plato, Sophist

Spring 2013: Aristotle, Metaphysics Theta

Autumn 2012: Sextus Empiricus, Outlines of Pyhrronism

Spring 2012: Plato, Gorgias

Autumn 2011: Plato, Gorgias