UCL Philosophy



It is important in improving your work that you make the most of the feedback you get. You can get feedback in a number of ways.

1. Meetings with Personal Tutors: Your personal tutor will have access to your Portico record, and to comments via Moodle on your assessed work. They will therefore be able to give you feedback on how you are progressing on the course overall.

2. Formative Essays: You can get feedback on your progress during a module by making sure you take up the formative essay option. If you submit a formative essay you will get comments back, and an indication of grade. These should be attended to, and used as a guide to improvement of your work. This form of feedback is especially important because it will relate both to the topic of the essay but also to the general task of writing philosophy essays. More information about formative essays can be found here.

3. Assessed Work: You will get written comments, as well as your grade, on all essays submitted for assessment. These comments should be attended to and used as a guide to improvement of your work.

4. Office Hours: You can arrange to meet members of staff in their office hours and discuss philosophical issues with them, receiving feedback in the course of those discussions. Office hours for staff are listed on the People page.

5. Presentations and Assignments in seminars: If you are asked to do a presentation or assignment in a seminar group you will get feedback in the form of comments and questions from your peers, and from your seminar tutor.

6. Contributions in Seminars: You will get an idea of how well you are engaging with the material by attending to the response of your peers, and of your seminar tutor.

7. Peer to Peer Cooperation: You are encourage to cooperate with your fellow students, and get feedback on your ideas and work, from each other.