UCL Philosophy


BA Key Contacts

UCL Philosophy Department information for BA current students

The Undergraduate Programme Administrator is the first point of contact for enquiries about:

  • Module Changes
  • Seminars Amendments
  • Applying for Extenuating circumstances
  • Absence reporting 

Personal tutors contacts are available here, they should be contacted about the following:

  • Feedback on overall academic progress
  • Advice on module selection
  • Pastoral help (issues that are having a minor effect on their studies - i.e. not likely to require an interruption of studies, withdrawal from degree programme, or have a major impact on exams/coursework)
  • Advice on course requirements and regulations
  • Reference requests

Students should contact the Departmental Tutor, Robert Simpson, about the following:

  • Changes to registration status (requests to change degree programmes, interrupt studies, withdraw from their degree programme).
  • Pastoral issues that are likely to have a major effect on their studies (perhaps requiring an interruption of studies, alternative assessment, an extended absence from UCL, etc.)
  • When referred to departmental tutor by their personal tutor/department office.
  • If the student has an issue which they feel hasn't been adequately addressed by their personal tutor.

BA students can also contact their student academic representative (StAR) about matters they would like discussed at the staff-student consultative committee.