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Information about UCL Philosophy Department Alumni Placements

We are proud of our vibrant research environment and the wide-ranging philosophical domain from which postgraduate students can select their area(s) of specialisation and our distinguished programme for PhD and MPhilStud students has resulted in many dissertations of the highest quality. We have an excellent Placement record and below we feature profiles of postgraduate students who have secured jobs as philosophers. Click here for a full list of PhD placement record.

Sophie Archer

Dr Sophie Archer

'I studied for both my MPhil Stud and my PhD in philosophy at UCL. During that time I was supervised by a variety of world-class philosophers: Tim Crane, Rory Madden, Lucy O'Brien, Christopher Peacocke (briefly!), and Paul Snowden. I was lucky enough to have Lucy as my main supervisor throughout my PhD years.  
To anyone considering coming to UCL for their graduate studies in philosophy, I would say that the House in Gordon Square has lots to recommend it! It's in central London, for a start! Beyond that though, its community of philosophers - both professional and in training - afforded me with the majority of the most stimulating philosophical conversations I've had to date. I don't think anywhere else could have prepared me better for a career in academic philosophy.
I'm currently the Robin Geffen Research Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy at Keble College, Oxford and I lecture in philosophy at Christ Church, Oxford'.
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Emma Borg

Professor Emma Borg

'I really enjoyed my time at UCL, it was a fantastic place to do philosophy - always so much going on and a really good sense of community between graduates and staff.'

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Nadine Elzein

Dr Nadine Elzein

'I began studying at UCL in 2000, with a BA in philosophy.  I loved both the subject and the department.  I had some really inspiring lecturers and developed enough of a fascination with the field to continue on to an MPhil and a PhD.  My supervisors at post-grad level were brilliant human beings, who constantly challenged me, pushed me to engage deeply and rigorously with the subject, and really supported me in my first steps through an academic career.  I've since taught philosophy at UCL, Wadham College Oxford, and Southampton, and am about to start a two-year lecturing post at King's College London.  I owe not only my academic career, but also some of my happiest memories and closest friendships to my time at UCL.'

Ian Phillips

Dr Ian Phillips

'I came to UCL to study for my PhD in philosophy in 2005 having been an undergraduate and studied the BPhil in Oxford. During and after my PhD I was a Fellow by Examination at All Souls College, Oxford. I then returned to UCL as a lecturer and have recently taken up a post as Gabriele Taylor Fellow in Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science at St. Anne's College, Oxford. My work, as that job title suggests, is primarily focused on topics at the intersection of philosophy of mind and experimental psychology -- perception (especially of time and change), memory and imagery, consciousness and attention. 

I will always be incredibly grateful for my time as a PhD student at UCL. I suspect I arrived from Oxford thinking I knew mostly what was what. Very soon I realized quite how far that was from the truth. No doubt this could have been a difficult experience. But the atmosphere of friendly and collective support in the department meant that constantly being challenged and pushed to think afresh and more open-mindedly was simply exciting and wonderful -- just as philosophy should be. I'm sure it also helped that many of the most formative conversations I can remember were outside the seminar room -- striding around Regent's Park having a supervision on a summer's day or crammed into the Jeremy Bentham over several pints of IPA.'

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Joel Smith

Dr Joel Smith

'I was a postgraduate at UCL from 1998 to 2003, first on the MPhil, then on the PhD. What I valued most about the Philosophy department at UCL was the breadth of interests of the faculty there. I was able to study the philosophy of mind and metaphysics, but also phenomenology, Nietzsche, and the philosophy of psychoanalysis.

After having spent some time at the University of Essex, I am now a lecturer in the Philosophy department at the University of Manchester. I teach the philosophy of mind and phenomenology, and also direct the PhD programme. I look back on my time at UCL very fondly and think of it as the period in which I properly learned what it was to study the subject in a serious way. I can't think of a better preparation for a career in academic philosophy.'

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Ann Whittle

Dr Ann Whittle

'I studied at UCL between 1998-2003, getting first my philosophy MPhil and then PhD. Michael Martin and Tim Crane supervised my PhD on the Causal Theory of Properties and they were just great - very supportive throughout. I had a wonderful time as a graduate student at UCL. There was always so much going on, it was a really fun, stimulating place to be. I am now a part-time lecturer in philosophy at the University of Manchester. I spend much of my time looking after my 3 daughters, but still get time to think about philosophy now and again! I am interested in the general question of how our agency can be accommodated in the natural world and have been working in the areas of free will and moral responsibility. In particular, at the moment, I am thinking about how best to analyze agential modals such as 'can', 'able' etc.'

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Full PhD Placement Record - from 1998 to the present (sorted by year of graduation)


Showkat Ali - Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Trinity College Dublin.

James Laing - Leverhulme Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Univerity of Dublin.

Rowan Mellor - Leverhulme Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Toronto. 

David Olbrich - Leverhulme Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Toronto.

Edgar Philipps - Leverhulme Postdoctoral Research Fellow for Jean Nicod, Paris.


Vanessa Carr — Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Leipzig University.

Dan Guillery - Law and Philosophy Fellowship at the University of Chicago Law School.

Margaret Hampson — Fixed-Term Lecturer at University of Kent.

Alec Hinshelwood — Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Leipzig University.

Polly Mitchell — Postdoctoral Research Fellow at King’s College London.

Edgar Phillips — Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Fribourg.

Jonas Vandieken — Postdoctoral Research Associate (wiss.Mitarbeiter) in Philosophy at LMU Munich.

Hannah Carnegy-Arbuthnott - Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Ethics in Society, Stanford,  2018 postdoc at the Centre de recherche en ethique, based at UdM and McGill. 2019 Lecturers in Philosophy - Univerity of York.
Alex Geddes - University of Antwerp postdoctoral researcher. 2017 Research Fellow at the University of Southampton, working on the ERC-funded project 'Better Understanding the Metaphysics of Pregnancy’.
Ed Lamb - 1 yr Lecturer in Philosophy - Lincoln College, Oxford.  2017- Career Development Fellow in Philosophy, St Edmund's Hall, Oxford
Sebastian Sanhueza - adjunct professor of philosophy and FONDECYT postdoctoral fellow at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.
Alex Sayegh - Postdoctoral Fellow at the MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies and a Teaching Associate at the Department of Political Sciences at Yale University (2 years).
Arthur Schipper — Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam (UvA)
Ziqian Zhou -  Lecturer, Centre for English Language Communication, National University of Singapore, with joint appointment at the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.
Chris S. Meyns - Research associate and project manager (New Directions in the Study of the Mind Project) University of Cambridge, Clare College. 2016 Assistant Professor of Early Modern Philosophy, Utrecht University
Ed Nettel - Teaching fellow associated with the 'When Experts Disagree' IRC funded research project at University College Dublin.
Lea Salje -  One Year Post-doctoral Research fellow on AHRC Project: Persons as Animals: Understanding the Animal Bases of Agency, Perceptual Knowledge and Thought - Leeds. 2016 Permanent Lectureship - Leeds.
Maarten Steenhagen -  Research Fellow at the Centre for Philosophical Psychology at the University of Antwerp.
Gabriele Badano - Research Associate at the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Cambridge, and non-stipendiary Junior Research Fellow at Girton College 2015. 2018 - permanent Lecturer York. 
Mauricio Bielleto-Bueno - CONACYT postdoctoral fellowship, for two years, for doing research and teaching in the Postgraduate Program in Philosophy of Science at UNAM. 
Ben Martin - 2018-  Marie Sklodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Bergen
Paloma Atencia-Linares: 2 year Lectureship at the University of Kent (Canterbury).
Sophie Archer: Jan 2013: Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Southampton - Sept 2013 - four year position as Robin Geffen Research Fellow and Tutor at Keble College University of Oxford and as Tutor at Christchurch College, University of Oxford. 2018 Permanent Lectureship in the Philosophy Department at Cardiff University.
Jonny McIntosh (completing PhD) Temporary Lectureship, Queens College, University of Oxford.

Craig French: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Perception and Action Project, University of Antwerp. 2013-2016 Junior Research Fellow at Trinity Hall, Cambridge University. 2016 - Assistant Professor at University of Nottingham 

George Hull:  Permanent Lecturer at the University of Cape Town.
Moises Vaca Paniagua: Post-doctoral Fellowship at the Institute of Philosophy of the UNAM (Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico).
Chris Jay: (1 year) College Lectureship, Merton College, University of Oxford - 2012 - temporary lectureship at University of York. 
Lee Walters: (3 year) Career Development Fellow, Somerville College and the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford - 2013 - Permanent Lectureship, University of Southampton.
Jorg Willhoft: (6 month) Stipendiary Lectureship at St. John's College, Oxford.
Gabriel Wollner: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Harvard University - 2012 - Permanent Lectureship, LSE. 2015 Humbolt in Berlin (see: http://gabrielwollner.net)
Steinvör Árnadóttir: Guest Lecturer / Teaching Assistant, University of Stirling - 2010 - Leverhulme early career fellowship, University of Cambridge, and then Permanent Lectureship, University of Stirling, from 2012.
Nadine Elzein: Temporary Lectureship, UCL - 2010 - 2 year temporary lectureship, Wadham college, University of Oxford. 2015 Temporary lectureship, King's College London.
Will McNeill: Teaching Fellow York 2010-2013; Lecturer Cardiff University 2013-2014; Teaching Fellow KCL 2015. 2015- permanent Lecturer Southampton
Ian Phillips: Prize Fellow at All Souls College, Oxford - 2010 - Permanent Lectureship, UCL. 2013 CUF Lecturer in Philosophy and Gabriele Taylor Fellow St Anne's College, Oxford.
Alex Steinberg: Post-Doc at Humboldt University, Berlin.
Hong Yu Wong: Jacobsen Fellowship from University of London - 2011 - Group Leader of the Junior Research Group in Philosophy of Neuroscience at the Centre for Integrative Neuroscience, University of Tübingen, Germany.
Elizabeth Cripps: Temporary Lectureship at The University of Edinburgh - 2009 - British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship - 2012 Permanent Lectureship (Edinburgh). 
Andrew Inkpin - Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Eastern Piedmont (2009- 2011). Permanent Lectureship - University of Melbourne - 2011. 
Brent Madison: Permanent Lectureship at the University of Notre Dame, Australia - 2010 - a Junior Research Fellowship at the Institute of Advanced Study, University of Warwick. 2012 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, St. Paul's College, University of Sydney.
Julia Peters: Postdoctoral Fellowship at the European College of Liberal Arts, Berlin - 2009 - Research Fellowship, University of Munich. 2013- Assistant Professor, Tübingen
Ciara Fairley: Junior Research Fellowship, Trinity Hall, Cambridge.
Tom Sinclair: Junior Research Fellowship, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford - 2009 - Permanent Lectureship, University of Manchester, - 2013 - Permanent Lectureship, Wadham College, Oxford.
Miguel Fernandez: Associate Research Fellow, Instituto de Investigaciones Filosoficas, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. 
Keith Allen: Jacobsen Fellowship from University of London - 2007 - Permanent Lectureship at University of York. 
Alex Brown: Temporary Lectureship in Critical Theory at UCL School of Public Policy - 2009 - Permanent Lectureship in Politics at UEA (2015 Senior Lecturer UEA)
Fabian Dorsch: Temporary Lectureship at Fribourg University, Switzerland. - 'Fellowship for Advanced Researchers' from the Swiss National Science Foundation - 2012 Research Professorship at the University of Fribourg, sponsored by Swiss National Science Foundation.
Brian Feltham: Three year Research Fellowship at the University of Reading - 2008 - Politics Lectureship at the University of Reading. 
Colin Johnston: Jacobsen Fellowship from University of London for 3 years - 2008 - Permanent Lectureship at the University of Stirling.  
Tom Smith: Junior Research Fellowship at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge - 2007- Permanent Lectureship at Manchester University.  
Georgia Testa: Permanent Lectureship at University of Leeds. 
Alexander Voorhoeve: Permanent Lectureship at London School of Economics. 2015 now Associate Professor. 
Magda Egoumenides: Permanent Lectureship at University of Athens.
Joel Smith: Temporary Lectureship at University of Essex - 2005 - Three year Research Post at the University of Essex - 2007 - Permanent Lectureship at Manchester University.
Ann Whittle: Jacobsen Fellow at Birkbeck College, London - 2005 - Five year post at Cambridge University - 2007 - Permanent Lectureship at Manchester University.
Mark Jennings: Teaching Post at Highgate School, London. 
James Tartaglia: Temporary Lectureship at Keele University, converted to a Permanent Lectureship after a year. 
James Wilson: Temporary Lectureship at Surrey University, and subsequently a Temporary Lectureship at Birkbeck College, London and then a Permanent Lectureship at University of Keele. 2012 Permanent Lectureship UCL. 2015 Senior Lecturer UCL.
Sophie Allen: Temporary Lectureship at St Peter's College, Oxford - 2005 - Temporary Lectureship at Magdalen College, Oxford. 
Raj Sehgal: Temporary Lectureship at Surrey University, converted to a Permanent Lectureship after a year. 
Jonathan Webber: Temporary Lectureship at University of Sheffield - 2015 Permanent Reader at Cardiff University.
Chon Tejedor-Palau: Temporary Lectureship at St Hilda's College, Oxford.
Heidi Maibom: Postdoctoral Fellow at Washington University, St Louis, and subsequently a tenure-track Assistant Professor at Carleton University, Canada. 
Matthew Nudds: Jacobsen Fellow at Birkbeck College, London, and subsequently a Junior Research Fellow at Jesus College, Oxford, and now a Permanent Lecturer at University of Edinburgh. 2015 Professor at Warwick.
Matthew Soteriou: Five-year Tutorial Fellowship at Magdalen College, Oxford - 2005 - Permanent Lectureship at University of Warwick. 2016- Professor, King’s College London
Emma Borg: Permanent Lectureship at University of Reading - 2015 Professor (at Reading) 
Paul Faulkner: Permanent Lectureship at University of Sheffield.
Catriona McKinnon: Permanent Lectureship at University of Exeter, Department of Government, and subsequently a Permanent Lecturer at University of York (Department of Politics) and now a Reader in Political Theory, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Reading. (2015 now Professor).
Saladin Meckled-Garcia: Junior Research Fellow, University of Birmingham, and subsequently Rubin Senior Research Fellow, School of Public Policy, UCL, and now Director of Human Rights Studies, School of Public Policy, UCL. 2015 Senior Lecturer.