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Clinical Trials Initiative in collaboration with North West London Hospitals NHS Trust. A collaborative approach between the NHS, Academia and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The UK is unquestionably a world leader in clinical research. This success has been demonstrated within our vibrant Pharmaceutical Industry which is vital to the British economy. The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) provides the infrastructure to support high quality clinical research including clinical trials involving medicines.

Aims of the NIHR

The aim of the NIHR is therefore to provide a platform for research to improve NHS healthcare for the future as well as identifying new and better treatments for patients.

A crucial aspect of this work is the role of pharmacists in supporting the delivery of clinical trials. The work on this initiative describes how we are supporting this important area of clinical research.

Open days

The next open day will be held on the 24th July 2019. Please download the timetable which can be found here:


To register, please contact Dr Khalid Sheikh on +44 020 7753 5990 or k.sheikh@ucl.ac.uk

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