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Seminar Series 2020-2021

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Date: Thursday 17th December at 12:00pm
Speaker: Professor Giuseppina Sandri (Department of Drug Sciences, University of Pavia)
Title: Polysaccarides based scaffolds for wound healing


Giuseppina Sandri is Associate Professor of pharmaceutical technology (Department of Drug Sciences, University of Pavia). Her research activity focuses on tissue engineering and nanomedicine and she is mainly involved in the design and the development of scaffolds based on biomaterials, especially polysaccharides, as dermal substitutes. Furthermore, she is working on the design and the development of innovative platforms to deliver hemoderivatives in tissue engineering. 


The increase in life expectancy and the increasing prevalence of diabetic disease and venous insufficiency lead to the increase of chronic wounds. The prevalence of ulcers ranges from 1% in the adult population to 3–5% in the over 65 years population, with 3–5.5% of the total healthcare expenditure, as recently estimated.

The talk will be focused on the design and development of polysaccharides-based scaffolds, as dermal substitutes to treat chronic skin lesions. The manufacturing technology (electrospinning) will be described and the critical parameters will be discussed. Scaffolds loading with antimicrobials, to prevent or to treat infections, and with clay minerals, to increase mechanical properties, will be further discussed.