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Prof Steve Brocchini

Prof Steve Brocchini

Professor of Chemical Pharmaceutics


UCL School of Pharmacy

Joined UCL
1st Sep 2009

Research summary

Our research is multi-disciplined, collaborative and clinically relevant. All projects are hypothesis driven and most projects have a stated clinical translational goal. PhD students typically work on a project that is jointly supervised with a collaborator. Most students will work in at least two laboratory environments. Projects tend to address three key themes: (i) to optimise pharmacokinetics and biodistribution, (ii) to ensure a conjugate, dosage form or device is stable and (iii) to conduct research that is scalable so there is a plausible pathway for clinical translation. 


During the last decade, projects have included solid dispersions, pulmonary dry powders, particle coating, polymer-drug conjugates and development of degradable biomaterials. More recent research has covered aspects of protein-PEGylation, development of polyvalent medicines, development of soluble polymer-drug complexes and ocular delivery. Current projects are focused in areas that include (i) approaches to develop multifunctional therapeutic hybrid proteins, (ii) formulation of protein therapeutics into novel dosage forms, (iii) new strategies in ocular drug delivery and formulations for subcutaneous administration, (iv) development of implantable devices and (v) development of new in vitro models to accelerate pharmaceutical development.  We are also increasingly interested in strategies for affinity-based drug delivery which we believe is generally important as a way to increase the duration of action of therapeutic proteins.

Teaching summary

Steve is actively involved in teaching on the MPharm and MSc courses. He lectures in pharmaceutical biotechnology and the pharmaceutical sciences, and is also on the management team for the Centre for Doctoral Training.


Steve has a BA (Reed College, Portland, OR, USA) and a PhD (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA; 1990) in chemistry. After a postdoctoral (Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA) he came to the UK to work as a medicinal chemist (Xenova Ltd, Slough). Steve then worked as an adjunct faculty member (Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ, USA) in polymer chemistry and tissue engineering prior to his appointment at the UCL School of Pharmacy (1997).