UCL School of Pharmacy


Prof Rebecca Lever

Professor of Pharmacology


UCL School of Pharmacy

Joined UCL
1st Jan 2012

Research summary

My research interests are broad but focus on the vascular endothelium with respect to inflammation, coagulation and control of vascular tone.  My work concerns study of mechanisms involved in the inflammatory response, how these mechanisms are regulated in normal physiology and how they might be modulated pharmacologically, with a view to the design of new treatments for disease.  Particular interests involve the interaction of inflammatory cells with the endothelial cells that line the inside of blood vessels, the control of blood vessel function by these cells, and ways that these processes can be influenced physiologically and pharmacologically.  Current and recent projects have involved study of the role and effects of heparin and related glycosaminoglycans, acetylcholine and its receptors, and vascular endothelial growth factor.  I have also recently been involved in projects investigating novel potential therapies for Parkinson’s disease.


King's College London
Doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy | 1999
King's College London
First Degree, Bachelor of Pharmacy | 1994


Rebecca Lever studied pharmacy at King’s College London and graduated in 1994 with first class honours, followed by a pre-registration training year in hospital pharmacy and registration in 1995.  She then returned to King’s College to undertake a BBSRC-funded PhD in pharmacology, entitled ‘The effect of heparin on leucocyte adhesion and trafficking’, carried out under the supervision of Professor Clive Page and completed in 1999.  Following this, she carried out post-doctoral work in the same group, investigating the anti-inflammatory effects of heparin and related molecules, before being appointed to a lectureship at the (now UCL) School of Pharmacy in 2002.