UCL School of Pharmacy

Prof Jasmina Jovanovic

Prof Jasmina Jovanovic

Professor of Neuroscience


UCL School of Pharmacy

Joined UCL
1st Jan 2012

Research summary

Many neurological and neurodegenerative diseases are initiated by impairments in the structure and function of synaptic connections in the nervous system. Dr. Jovanovic’s research is focused on GABAA receptors and their signalling and structural role in the formation and functional maturation of inhibitory synapses. Understanding the mechanisms that regulate the formation of inhibitory synapses during normal development is an essential step towards identifying changes leading to disease states and designing the appropriate therapeutic strategies.

Teaching summary

Postgraduate Teaching 

  • Director of the MSc Experimental Pharmacology & Therapeutics, a joint programme between the UCL School of Pharmacy and UCL Division of Biosciences.
  • Teaching and coordination of the core module “Investigative Pharmacology” PHAYG053.
  • Coordination of the core module “Experimental Pharmacology Research Project” PHAYGX93.
  • Supervision of MSc research projects.

Undergraduate Teaching

  • Teaching and coordination of the sub-optional module “Epileptic disorders: research insights and drug therapies” of the Pharmacology F2 option PHAYM056.
  • Primary coordinator of the PHAYM056 F2 Pharmacology Option.
  • Teaching and coordination of the sub-optional module “The aging brain and neurodegeneration” of the optional module PHAY3104.
  • Teaching on the “Body Systems and Therapeutics 3” component of the 2-year MPharm programme PHAY2004.
  • Supervision of the MPharm Final research projects.


University College London
, | 2017
The Rockefeller University
, | 1998
University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia
, | 1991


Dr. Jasmina N. Jovanovic received her BSc in Molecular Biology and Physiology from the Faculty of Science, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, and her PhD in Neuroscience from the Rockefeller University, USA. During the course of her PhD, Dr. Jovanovic studied the mechanisms involved in the neurotrophin-dependent regulation of neurotransmitter release. She was a recipient of The John S. Segal Memorial Fellowship Award and The Rockefeller University Karolinska Institute Exchange Program Award. Following a short postdoctoral appointment at The Rockefeller University, Dr. Jovanovic was awarded The Wellcome Trust Travelling Fellowship to join the Department of Pharmacology, at UCL, where she studied the regulation of GABAA receptor phosphorylation, function and trafficking. As a recipient of The Grass Fellowship in Neuroscience in 2001, and The Grass Foundation Faculty Award in 2004, Dr. Jovanovic worked as a summer investigator at the Marine Biological Laboratory, in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA. Dr. Jovanovic was appointed as a Lecturer at the School of Pharmacy in 2003, and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2007.