UCL School of Pharmacy


Dr Christopher Morris

Associate Professor in Pharmaceutics

UCL School of Pharmacy

Faculty of Life Sciences

Joined UCL
1st Apr 2022

Research summary

Chris' research aims to understand the biological barriers to effective delivery of biologics, including peptides, proteins and nucleic acids. The research group uses a range of cellular and molecular biology techniques to develop experimental therapeutics and drug delivery systems for diseases in the areas of infection and malignant diseases of the lung and skin. Ongoing projects aiming to identify: (1) peptide targeting ligands for cancer cells; (2) glycopeptide motifs for lectin targeting; (3) nucleic acid delivery pathways for RNA/DNA delivery to the skin; (4) drug delivery platforms for enhanced peptide delivery. 

The group has a strong focus on increasing the understanding of the biological processes that present challenges to drug delivery. To this end, we use a wide range of model systems in vitro and in vivo with collaborators in the UK and Europe. Experimental approaches routinely used in the group include phage display, protein expression and biochemistry, fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss potential PhD, post-doctoral or fellowship opportunities in my group.