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Corinna Schlosser wins a best presentation prize at the 2024 UKICRS symposium

17 June 2024

Corinna Schlosser, final year PhD student in Pharmaceutics was recently awarded a prize for her presentation at the 2024 UK & Ireland Controlled Release Society symposium (UKICRS).

Corinna started her PhD at the School of Pharmacy in 2020 as part of the Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Transformative Pharmaceutical Technologies. After completing two 3-month training project she joined the groups of Professor Gareth Williams and Professor Steve Brocchini for her PhD. Her research project explores advanced delivery systems for protein and peptide therapeutics. Particularly, she focuses on the development of pulsatile delivery systems for teriparatide – a peptide used in the treatment of osteoporosis. The current available treatment requires daily injections. The vision of our approach is to develop a platform that would reduce the frequency of injection and thereby improve patient experience.

Corinna giving her presentation at the UKICRS 2024 in Cardiff.

The UKICRS United Kingdom and Ireland Controlled Release Society (UKICRS) Annual Conference was held on 6th – 7th of June 2024 in Cardiff, United Kingdom. The event is specifically aimed at early career researchers, providing a platform for PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, and early-stage professionals to share their latest advancements and innovations in the field of controlled release and drug delivery.

Corinna remarked that “it was an immense pleasure to attend the UKICRS 2024 and showcasing my PhD research. This being my second time at the conference; it was lovely to catch up with colleagues, make new connections, discussing innovative ideas, and staying updated with the latest advances in controlled release and drug delivery. Having won the presentation prize is extremely honouring and rewarding and an incredible end to a fantastic PhD journey.”

CDT in Transformative Pharmaceutical Technologies:  https://www.transpharmtech-dtc.ac.uk/