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Third edition of fundamental Pharmacognosy text now available

22 February 2018


A team of five authors (Michael Heinrich (UCL), Joanne Barnes, Jose Prieto-Garcia (UCL), Simon Gibbons (UCL) and Elizabeth Williamson) have just published the 3rd edition of the introductory textbook ‘Fundamentals of Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy’. The book is intended to be used by all healthcare professionals, but most importantly pharmacists.

The book was first published in 2004 and covers both the fundamental science aspects and the practice-oriented phytotherapeutical questions. With medicinal plants being used very widely in English speaking countries, the book is an essential teaching tool in undergraduate education.

Over the past 20 years though it has become increasingly important given the explosion of new drugs, phytomedicines (plant-based  medicines), nutraceuticals and dietary supplements – all of which need to be fully understood, tested and regulated.The two previous editions have already been used widely globally. Not only has this third edition been thoroughly revised and updated, but also the content has been adapted to the changing needs and expanded.

Fundamentals of Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy

Pharmacognosy (the science of biogenic or nature-derived pharmaceuticals and poisons) has been an established basic pharmaceutical science taught in institutions of pharmacy education for over two centuries.

From a review of the previous edition:
‘Drawing on their wealth of experience and knowledge in this field, the authors, who are without doubt among the finest minds in pharmacognosy today, provide useful and fascinating insights into the history, botany, chemistry, phytotherapy and importance of medicinal plants in some of today’s healthcare systems.

This is a landmark textbook, which carefully brings together relevant data from numerous sources and provides, in an authoritative and exhaustive manner, cutting-edge information that is relevant to pharmacists, pharmacognocists, complementary practitioners, doctors and nurses alike.’ The Pharmaceutical Journal

Three of the authors are from the UCL School of Pharmacy and this edition has been carefully edited and expanded.

Further information: https://www.elsevier.com/books/fundamentals-of-pharmacognosy-and-phytotherapy/heinrich/978-0-7020-7008-2?start_rank=1161&sortby=sortByDateDesc


Prof Michael Heinrich

Prof Simon Gibbons

Dr Jose Prieto