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BOPA and PRUK award their 2017 research grant

16 February 2018

Terry Ng, Senior Teaching Fellow in Pharmacy Practice was recently awarded the BOPA-PRUK Research Award. The BOPA-PRUK Research Award is a personal research grant of up to £5000 designed to help UK-based pharmacy professionals start their career in pharmacy research.

The project is titled, “An acceptability study for the use of web-based video consultations in patients receiving lifelong treatment for Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML)”.

For cancer patients, travelling to their hospital appointments can be difficult because their treatment can make them feel tired and unwell. It can also be costly for them. If patients miss appointments, it may not only cost the NHS money, it may affect their treatment outcome, making their condition harder to manage.

If patients are able to have their check-ups (follow-up appointments) with their medical team without travelling to the hospital, this could help improve patient experience and outcomes, as well as helping the NHS run more effectively.

It is hoped that the results will help inform the UCLH Pharmacy Cancer Team as to whether further work in this area needs to be carried out, either within UCLH, or on a wider scale throughout London.

Carl Booth, Lead Pharmacist for Cancer Services and Clinical Trials at BOPA, said “BOPA and PRUK are working together to improve patient care and experience by supporting high quality pharmacy practice research. This second BOPA / PRUK award will look at the use of web based video consultations in a group of patients who are on potentially lifelong treatments. In the long term this should lead to fewer hospital visits for face to face consultations and improve the patients’ outcomes and experience. We are therefore delighted to continue our association work with PRUK to support another great project”.

Terry will be conducting this project with the support of co-applicants, Hiba Abu Al-Robb (Haematology Pharmacist at UCLH), Professor Ian Bates (Professor of Pharmacy Education, UCL School of Pharmacy) and Professor Felicity Smith (Professor of Pharmacy Practice, UCL School of Pharmacy).

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