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A Professor dedicated to helping the medicine go down!

15 November 2017


UCL School of Pharmacy is pleased to announce not only the addition of a new female professor, but the first ever position of Chair in Paediatric Pharmaceutics. This is in recognition of Catherine Tuleu’s outstanding contribution and dedication to research in paediatric drug delivery.

‘This is a huge achievement’ said Catherine, ‘not only on a personal level but also a well-deserved recognition to this emerging and important field of research’.

Furthermore, for the third year in a row, Catherine has made it on to The Medicine Maker Power List which celebrates 100 fantastic individuals involved in bettering the pharma industry and bringing life-changing medicines to market. This year Catherine ranks #7 on the list of Champions of Change - patrons of the industry who are striving to make the world a better place by getting medicines to those who need them the most.

Catherine also featured in The International Association for Pharmaceutical Technology (APV) newsletter in June 2017 for her outstanding contribution as a key expert in developing paediatric formulations.

Professor Catherine Tuleu

Professor Tuleu has also been invited to the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting and Exposition 2017 (San Diego, USA) in November as a theme keynote speaker in the session entitled "Products for Pediatrics: It’s Not Child’s Play”. This event usually attracts thousands of people.

When asked what gets her of bed, apart from two young children, she answers:
“I really feel for parents and carers who are struggling with their kids’ medicines. They might not grasp why it is essential for them but we grownups are responsible. And this is the root of everything I do to formulate and design medicines that will not be a battle for children to take. This is my ‘spoonful of sugar’, to smooth the pharmaceutical burden of their condition and make these young patients’ lives more manageable.”

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