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UCL School of Pharmacy Honorary Lecturer awarded prestigious Improvement Science Fellowship

1 February 2017


Dr Yogini Jani, UCL secondee and Honorary Lecturer, has been successful in getting one of six three-year improvement science fellowships funded by the Health Foundation.

Yogini’s work will focus on optimising the safety of antimicrobial prescribing for patients with known penicillin allergy, both in terms of avoiding drugs that must be avoided in true allergies, but also exploring how we can avoid inappropriately limiting the treatment options in those who do not have a true allergy.

Yogini will be mentored by Professor Bryony Dean Franklin from the UCL School of Pharmacy and Professor Naomi Fulop from the UCL Department of Applied Health Research in this unique programme to develop leaders in the field of improvement science, building practical knowledge about what works to improve health care.

Professor Franklin commented, "I am absolutely delighted that Yogini was successful in being awarded one of these very prestigious fellowships. Her proposed work will be of enormous relevance to healthcare professionals, patient safety researchers and the improvement science community – and most importantly, to patients. I am also looking forward to working with Naomi Fulop and the UCL Department of Applied Health Research in creating new collaborations through Yogini’s work".

Helen Crisp, Assistant Director of Research at the Health Foundation said: "The Health Foundation’s six new Improvement Science Fellows’ research will deepen our understanding of the improvement methods and techniques that really work best and help to build a robust knowledge base that will support improved care across the health service.

Dr Yogini Jani

We believe that a more systematic and scientifically rigorous approach is needed in this research area to close the gap between current and best practice in healthcare.

The fellows will champion new thinking and ideas and through the continual development of improvement science they will encourage a stronger partnership between academics and practitioners. We look forward to them becoming leaders in this field and will value the major contribution they will make to this academic discipline."

Further information: http://www.health.org.uk/news/six-new-improvement-science-fellows-announced

Contacts: Dr Yogini Jani and Professor Bryony Dean Franklin