UCL School of Pharmacy


Release of report "Will Smoking Meet its Match?

4 March 2015


On Wednesday March 4th 2015 the UCL School of Pharmacy launched a new report entitled Will Smoking Meet its Match?

The launch meeting considered issues relating to the ongoing reduction of tobacco smoking in England after the next general election, with a view to its eventual elimination.

Issues considered were the appropriate provision and advertising of publicly funded Stop Smoking Services; access to and the most effective use of prescribed and self-purchased medicines; and the role of e-cigarettes and other unlicensed nicotine containing products in public health improvement now and in the long term.

David Taylor, UCL Professor Emeritus of Pharmaceutical and Public Health Policy, chaired the meeting and introduced the key findings of Will Smoking Meet its Match? A range of stakeholders from leading health charities such as Cancer Research UK and other organisations concerned with the improvement of health and reduction of smoking related harm were present.

A copy of the report can be downloaded here.

Contact: Professor David Taylor