UCL School of Pharmacy


New Members of the Drug Discovery Cluster

7 December 2015

The TRO Drug Discovery Group based at UCL School of Pharmacy is delighted to welcome Alice Hooper (Institute of Cancer Research) and Dr Alan Holmes (Royal Free Hospital, UCL) who have joined the group.

Alice Hooper joins the medicinal chemistry group and has considerable experience of the application of organometallic chemistry to the construction of heterocycles for drug discovery.

Dr Alan Holmes is an experienced researcher having worked at Novartis, Horsham and Division of Medicine, UCL and will lead the biology group. Alan has an interest in remodelling and respiratory diseases and more generally in establishing new drug discovery projects. He has expertise in developing new assays and will drive the building of this expertise within the group and acting as a point of collaboration for researchers across UCL.

For further information please contact Dr Richard Angell