UCL School of Pharmacy


Pressurised gyration to produce nanofibrous pharmaceutical materials

1 May 2014

Prof Duncan Craig, in collaboration with Prof Mohan Edirisinghe (PI, UCL Department of Mechanical Engineering) and two named postdoctoral assistants, Dr Bahijja Raimi-Abraham and Dr Suntharavathanan Mahalingam, have secured an EPSRC grant for £418,951 to develop pressurised gyration as a novel means of producing nanofibrous pharmaceutical materials. 


This is an innovative new technique, developed by Professor Edirisinghe, which allows rapid production of drug or active-loaded nanofibres in kilogram quantities, thereby rendering the use of such materials commercially feasible.

They plan to demonstrate and explore the utility of the approach using three application areas; polymeric fibres loaded with fine particulates, the formulation of poorly water-soluble drugs for oral administration and as an alternative to freeze drying of proteins. The project is run in collaboration with Astra Zeneca and BASF.

Researchers: Project Leads - Prof Duncan Craig (UCL School of Pharmacy) and Prof Mohan Edirisinghe (UCL Department of Mechanical Engineering).

Collaborators: Dr Bahijja Raimi-Abraham and Dr Suntharavathanan Mahalingam

Funding: EPSRC

Contact: Prof Duncan Craig