UCL School of Pharmacy


Library Regulations

These rules are designed to enable Library staff to provide you with an efficient service and to ensure that the Library is a safe and pleasant place for you to work.  They complement the general UCL Library Services regulations.

1. General

1.1 The Librarian and Head of Information Services reserves the right to modify these rules.

1.2 All Library users must abide by the UCL School of Pharmacy Regulations.

2. Membership

2.1 A valid UCL ID/Library card must be carried in the Library at all times and produced when requested by a member of Library staff.

2.2 UCL ID/Library cards are not transferable. You may not borrow using another's Library card.

2.3 Users must report the loss of an ID/Library card as soon as possible to Reception and to Library staff.

2.4 Users must notify Library staff of any changes of personal details.

2.5 Visitors must have a valid ID badge from the UCL School of Pharmacy Reception and must notify Library staff of their arrival on entering the Library. Visitors must also sign the UCL School of Pharmacy Library Visitor's Book.

3. Behaviour

3.1 Eating and drinking (except bottled water) are not permitted in the Library.

3.2 The Library is for quiet and silent study.

3.3 Mobile phones must be switched to silent mode and not answered.

3.4 With the exception of guide dogs, animals are not allowed in the Library.

3.5 Laboratory coats must not be brought into the Library.

3.6 Users must evacuate the Library immediately on hearing the fire alarm.

3.7 Personal property is brought into the Library at the owner's risk. Users should keep their possessions with them at all time.

3.8 Users must abide by the UCL School of Pharmacy Computing Regulations and the licence agreements in place for particular items.

3.9 All users should abide by the current copyright legislation and the terms of the copyright licences held by UCL.

4. Borrowing Library Items

4.1 Before borrowing an item users must present a valid UCL ID/Library card and the item to Library staff at the Issue Desk.

4.2 Users who activate the security system must return to the Library Issue Desk. The knowing unauthorised removal of any item from the Library will be considered theft.

4.3 Users are liable for all items issued on their card.

4.4 Users are responsible for returning items to the Library on or before the date appearing on their record in the Library catalogue. The current list of fines can be found here..

4.5 Items returned by post are the user's responsibility until received by the Library.

4.6 UCL Library Service leaflets detail the type and numbers of items that a user may borrow.

4.7 You may not take items belonging to the Library outside of the United Kingdom without special permission from the Librarian and Head of Information Services.

5. Loss and Damage of Library Property

5.1 Users must not damage or deface Library property.

5.2 Users will be charged for the cost of replacement plus an administration fee.

5.3 Library users must return all loaned items and clear all outstanding debts before leaving UCL School of Pharmacy.

5.4 Only notices and material approved by the Librarian and Head of Information Services may be displayed in the Library.