UCL School of Pharmacy


The Pantomimes, 1962

The Square Chronicle, no. 67, December 1962.

Caption 1: 'Entry of Captain Cook (complete with Lysol B.P. and ampoule-sealer) into Neversteriland. Also in the picture are, from left to right, M. Midgeley (Oedematiens or Little Gassy Gangring), C. Raper (Diphy), T.J. Betts (Staphy), and J. Elliot (Wendii Gangring).'

Caption 2: 'Thanks to our resident Props. expert, J. N. T. Gilbert, Peter Pan flies off stage leaving (left to right) T. Roberts and B. A. Callingham (safety net), M. Stockham (Septico Gangring), D. Ganderton (Dick Scarlet) et al.'

Caption 3: 'The third year chorus from “Alice through the Lantern Slide” with Alice (Angela Ridealgh) and Richard Shadforth as choir leader. (No prizes are offered for guessing the member of staff portrayed as showing the lantern slides.- ED.).'

Caption 4: 'M. Cooke, D. Pay and M. Starr (the three little girls from Boots) in a scene from the second year production of “The Pit and the Pestle.”'