UCL School of Pharmacy


Multimedia unit


The Multimedia Unit is responsible for the graphic design requirements of the School, and for the development and support of graphic software packages used by staff members, PhD and MSc students.

Multimedia screens

The Unit is responsible for the support of the Postgraduate Multimedia User Room, used by MSc students postgraduates and staff. The room includes six scanners, a black and white laser printer and allows internet access. Our software available includes the latest versions of SPSS, WordPerfect, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe Photoshop.

The Unit produces high quality posters and flyers to allow our staff and students to present themselves at conferences with a strong visual impact. We also design a selection of the School's publications including the Annual Report and other brochures.

The Unit also runs workshops throughout the year to train students in the use of graphic software, animation, poster and computer-generated presentation design. Our courses are also offered to staff.

Recently, we began to display scientific images in our corridors to enhance the School's working and studying environment. The Multimedia Unit has been active in image enhancement, design and pseudo-colouring to present these images to their best advantage. The images are displayed in frames and on canvasses throughout the School and are enjoyed by both those who study and work here as well as our visitors.

Contact details:

Ms Tess Andaya
Multimedia Unit
Telephone: 0207 753 5917