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Biodiversity and Medicines Symposium

06 June 2014–30 December 2014, 12:00 am–12:00 am

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Registration is now open for a one day symposium on Thursday 26th June 2014 at the School of Pharmacy, organised by the Biodiversity and Medicines cluster. The programme for our symposium, entitled ‘Biodiversity and Medicines' focuses on three themes which hold considerable potential for developing them in the context of the UCL Grand Challenge of Global Health:

  • Chemical and pharmacological perspectives
  • Population health and clinical research 
  • Environmental and sociocultural sciences

We have an excellent group of speakers and the schedule for the day is listed below.

  • 09.30 Arrival & Refreshments
  • 10.00 Introduction – Professor Duncan Craig / Michael Heinrich / Ian Scott

Morning Session

  • 10.10 Robert J Harvey (UCL SoP) NMDA receptor mutations in focal epilepsies - new uses for old medicines?
  • 10.30 Andreas Bender (Cambridge Chemistry) Chemical and biological data integration for mode-of-action analysis of single compounds and traditional medicines and compound mixtures
  • 10.50 Dulcie Mulholland (Univ. Surrey) Research in the Natural Products Group at the University of Surrey.
  • 11.10 Sanjib Bhakta (BBK Structural and Molecular Biology  interdisciplinary approaches in tackling antibiotic resistance in tuberculosis (TB)
  • 11.30 Helen C Hailes (UCL Chemistry) Applications of Norcoclaurine Synthases
  • 11.50 Frank Kozielski (UCL SoP) Kinesins and Cancer: from inhibitor screening to preclinical studies.
  • 12.10 Sanjay Kinra and Kaushik Chattopadhyay, Clinical research on herbal medicines.

12.30 – 1.20 – Lunch

Afternoon Session

  • 1.30 Mine Orlu-Gul (UCL SoP) Patient Centric Medicine for Wellbeing in Later Life`
  • 1.50 Barry Bogin and Ines Varela-Silva, (Loughborough Univ.) Intergenerational effects on population health and families’ living conditions.
  • 2.10 Monique Simmonds (RBG Kew and UCL SoP) Biodiversity and medicines – from authentication / sustainable use to new products.
  • 2.30 Raj Puri (U Kent) Biodiversity and conservation – an anthropological perspective
  • 2.50 Vivienne Lo (UCL History) Potent substances – on the interface of food and medicine.
  • 3.10 Michael Heinrich (UCL SoP) Biodiversity and Medicines.
  • 3.30 Georgina Mace (UCL CBER) Causes and consequences of global biodiversity change.
  • 3.50 Closing Remarks – Michael Heinrich

4.00 – 5.30 Breakout Session

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