UCL School of Pharmacy


Chemistry for Medicines

This theme encompasses the development of synthetic, medicinal and biological chemistry with direct relevance to the support of discovery and manufacturing of medicines. Much of what we do has direct cross-over and impact with other fine chemistry sectors such as flavours, fragrances, food security agents and materials.

The group encompasses many members working in the areas of:

Synthetic Chemistry,

Medicinal Chemistry,

Sustainable chemistry

Biological Chemistry

Many of the group members use enabling technologies to facilitate and support their research such as flow chemistry, mechanochemistry, 3D printing, electrochemistry, photochemistry, Peptide synthesisers and virtual reality training.

Current Projects

The School of Pharmacy has any exciting opportunities to work on fantastic research projects in our department. We organise these projects based on research themes. Please click through on the theme of interest below to see the projects currently available and contact details. 


Enabling Technologies for Organic Synthesis

Research in the Browne group is focused on the design and development of new concepts in organic synthesis, catalysis, and drug discovery with specific emphasis on the incorporation of enabling tools and technologies. Many of the principles of green chemistry and sustainability can be met by embracing new technologies, in addition these tools and techniques can be leveraged against important targets such as drug discovery and agrochemistry. 

We are especially interested in mechanochemistry, ball milling and continuous flow processing. We pursue our own projects in these areas but also are open to collaborations where we can add value and share expertise (including training) relating to enabling technologies.