PGTA - Division of Biosciences (Sex, Genes and Evolution)

14 September 2023

This opportunity is no longer available

Division of Biosciences are looking for a PGTA for the 2023-24 academic year. Start date: 25 September 2023, Deadline to apply 18 September 2023.


Department: Division of Biosciences
Modules: BIOL0020 - Sex, Genes and Evolution

Number of hours: 30
Start date: 25 September 2023
Duration: Term 1

Grade: PGTA (Grade 6)
Location: London

Application deadline: 18 September 2023

Job description 

Each tutorial group will have three activities during term. The first activity will be a journal club, lead by the PGTA. The second activity will be writing an essay plan, where the PGTA will give active feedback during the session. The third activity will involve writing an essay, where the PGTA will give feedback.

Key responsibilities 

  • Teaching assistance through the facilitation of seminars and/or workshops
  • Giving feedback to students

Requirements for role 

Completed the Arena One: Gateway training.

How to apply 

Please contact us via biosciencespgta@ucl.ac.uk and send us your CV if you would like to apply.