PGTA - Centre for Languages & International Education

12 September 2023

This opportunity is no longer available

Centre for Languages & International Education are looking for a PGTA for the 2023-24 academic year. Start date: 2 October 2023, Deadline to apply 22 September 2023.

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Department: Centre for Languages & International Education
Modules: Modern European History and Politics

Number of hours: 180
Start date: 2 October 2023
Duration: Up to 1 year

Grade: PGTA (Grade 6)
Location: London

Application deadline: 22 September 2023, by 17:00 hours

Job description 

We are looking for a PGTA to deliver weekly small-group class/seminar teaching on the MEHP module. Responsibilities will include supervising students’ independent research projects and supporting student learning through office hours and tutorials.

The role will allow for you to gain experience of formative and summative assessment (marking, moderation, feedback). In addition, you will be provided with opportunities to devise and deliver a lecture/lectures (based, for instance, on intersections between course content and research interests).

You will also be provided with in-house teacher training.

Download the job description here


Key responsibilities 

  • Teaching assistance through the facilitation of seminars and/or workshops
  • After-class contact time with students, including time-tabled office hours
  • Marking students' work
  • Giving feedback to students

Requirements for role 

The applicant must have an undergraduate degree/undertaken post-graduate study in History, Politics or International Relations. They should have the ability to clearly communicate academic content, organise small-group discussions and learning activities, and to support students learning and academic development.

It would be preferable if applicants have experience of teaching, presenting, tutoring, mentoring, or other examples of facilitating learning and/or leading group activities.

How to apply 

Please send a CV and brief cover letter to Will Richards (Module lead for MEHP on the UPCH). william.richards@ucl.ac.uk