Personal Tutorials and PPD

"My tutor was very helpful and personally focused on developing areas I had difficulty with"

- UCL Student, School of Pharmacy

UCL has long believed in the importance of the personal and professional development of its students. A university education should foster not only the acquisition of subject knowledge, but also the advanced skills, knowledge and attributes that will enable graduates to meet the significant challenges ahead.

Supporting Personal and Professional Development can act as a way for you and your tutees to get to know each other. Ultimately you want to empower students to deal with their own difficulties and take control of their development - one way of doing this is to encourage them in their personal and professional development to draw on their strengths.

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Palgrave Skills4Study Campus

Don't forget that we have an institutional license for Palgrave's Skills4Study Campus, which is free for all UCL students to use with their UCL logins. These are available to students via the PPD website.

There are plenty of resources for you to direct them to:

 Please feel free to embed these links in your own resources for students.

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