Person Environment Activity Research Laboratory


Railways: How PEARL can help you

Find out how PEARL is exploring the data and and designs of railways.

Life-sized environmental simulation

At PEARL, we conduct life-sized experiments under controlled conditions rather than purely digital simulations. This means that our understanding is informed by data captured from real-world scenarios, ensuring that our research remains relevant to real-world environments. We are then able to interpret these results according to your specific needs and questions, and advise you accordingly.​

Feasibility studies

PEARL can test the feasibility of your design proposals, particularly those new and experimental ideas. We can test your assumptions with empirical evidence before they are exposed to the public gaze.

Cross-disciplinary Research

PEARL is at the forefront of railway design due to our cross disciplinary research: from neuroscience and investigating how people actually interact with others and their railway infrastructure; to ophthalmology and how peripheral vision can aid perception of different floor levels in order to reduce trips and falls at the platform train interface.

Fine-tuning your design

If you are wondering about the impact of your future design on passenger-infrastructure interaction, and thus on the operational performance, as well as the health and safety of railway workers, PEARL can help to investigate this and fine-tune your design accordingly.

A network of innovation

With clients including the Department for Transport, London Underground and Network Rail, and projects ranging from London’s new tube train to Thameslink and HS2, you will be joining an innovative network pushing the boundaries of railway design.​

Types of Research Projects

See our Projects page to discover some examples of our work.