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International: How PEARL can help you

Find out how PEARL is working with international partners, supporting remote research, exchange visits and more.

Worldwide collaboration 

The PEARL facility welcomes the idea of collaborative projects with international partners, ranging from universities and research institutes, to governments and NGOs. In addition to the UK, we have worked in many countries around the world, spanning Latin America, the USA, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

Remote research

Should you have a specific research question concerning the design and operation of your city, PEARL can conduct experiments on your behalf. Our outputs can be used to develop the techniques, methods, and actions required to support, advise and assist policy interventions. Technological advances will soon allow the remote observation of experiments, so that you can observe, and even control, experiments whilst in operation from wherever you are.

Exchange visits

We welcome international visitors from a range of disciplines interest- ed in taking advantage of PEARLs one-of-a-kind facility, whether for scientific experiments, design work or the performing arts. In the spirit of knowledge exchange, we are also keen to spend time working alongside your team at your institution or organisation.​

Capacity building

Our work extends beyond the walls of the university and PEARLs researchers and designers are often found in cities around the world, helping communities and governments to solve a variety of urban problems, from improving public transport in car-congested cities, to designing places for people through small-scale urban interventions. Our objective is to share our knowledge and experience in order to develop your own capacity to make your city a better place to be.​

Types of International Projects

See our Projects page to discover some examples of our work.