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Education: How PEARL can help you

Find out how PEARL is supporting initiatives in education

A community hub

PEARL is the ideal meeting place for people of all ages to learn about their built environment from hands-on experience. We welcome all members of the community - from local residents to businesses - to come and see how our research is relevant to your daily life.

Connecting with local schools

In particular, we believe in investing in the future of local schools, whether your students are curious to see what we do; or your staff would like us to host interactive activities as part of their normal teaching curriculum. Hands-on in our approach, we offer the opportunity to try out experiments and learn through “doing”.

Internships and Apprenticeships

Committed to providing opportunities for young people to grow their skills, we support work experience, internships and apprenticeships in collaboration with local colleges, schools and relevant industries.

Continuing Professional Development

In order to ensure that our research is translated to where it is needed, we provide CPD education and training to relevant practitioners.

Innovative knowledge dissemination

With the ability to simulate a variety of environmental conditions and accommodate up to 600 people, PEARL is excited to be able to host innovative conferences and immersive exhibitions which allow you to experience concepts rather than simply talk or hear about them.

Learning from you!

Most importantly, our students and staff are committed to understanding your needs so that we can better design the environment to suit those needs. Get in touch so that we can also learn from you!

Types of Educational Initiatives

See our Projects page to see some examples of our educational work.