Person Environment Activity Research Laboratory


Cities: How PEARL can help you

Real-scale Environmental Simulations

PEARL’s ability to simulate urban environments at 1:1 scale means that we can model, observe and analyse human behaviour under controlled conditions, in response to various types of stimuli, including lighting, acoustics and smell. We can analyse parameters of existing environments or test the impact of new interventions. 

People-Environment Interactions 

Involving real people in our experiments allows us to observe how they interact with others, as well as the street, vehicles and different kinds of space. This is changing the nature of research, from psychology to neurology, as well as informing our approach to design. 

Augmented Reality 

PEARL also supports other types of simulation such as augmented reality. This allows us to try out new types of transportation, such as autonomous vehicles, before their potential implementation. 

A new ‘Urban Theatre’ 

PEARL’s 600-seat ‘theatre’ provides you - the community, stakeholders, decision-makers and regulators - with a glimpse into the future as you watch different urban design scenarios unfold. This allows you to experience it, rather than simply look at it on paper. 

Embracing public participation 

Everyone is invited to PEARL to participate in the design of our urban environment, as we aim to design more inclusive and equitable cities which support the desires and needs of all its inhabitants, while being socially and environmentally responsible. Whether you are curious about the possibilities, or have some ideas to share, come and have your say on what your future city should be like. 

​Our Urban Design & Research Projects

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