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Irene Petersen
Reader in Epidemiology and Medical Statistics
Irene's work is focused on epidemiological research arising from primary care databases, including studies in infectious disease, mental health, cardiovascular disease and pharmacoepidemiology.  Profile
Juan Carlos Bazo Alvarez
PhD Student
Juan Carlos is a PhD student working on methods for imputing missing data in longitudinal studies using electronic health records.  
Emre Basatemur
Research Fellow
Emre is an academic trainee in Paediatrics, and is undertaking an NIHR funded PhD investigating the diagnosis and management of vitamin D deficiency in children in primary and secondary care. Profile
Hamad Bastaki
PhD Student
Hamad obtained his medical degree from University College Cork and subsequently obtained a Masters in Public Health from Imperial College, London. Prior to joining the unit, he had been working with the preventative medicine unit at Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital in Kuwait. His research interests include infectious disease surveillance, vaccine preventable diseases and travel related illnesses. His PhD research will focus on the diagnosis and management of illnesses in the returned traveller in primary care.  
Sonia Coton
PhD student 
Sonia is a PhD student using THIN data to research the risk of diabetes in pregnancy.   
Pia Hardelid
Senior Research Associate
Pia is working on examining the effectiveness of primary care interventions to prevent severe influenza in children. Profile
Sarah Hardoon
Senior Research Associate
Sarah's work is focused on cardiovascular diseases and mental health.   Profile
Thomas Hartney
PhD Student
Tom’s research interests include sexual health promotion and HIV prevention, with previous work focusing on HIV testing in general medical services and online surveys of sexual behaviour and attitudes among young adults. His PhD research will focus on HIV testing and management in primary care, making use of electronic health records including the THIN database and Hospital Episode Statistics. The proposed study will examine HIV testing patterns, particularly the delivery of HIV testing to people with clinical indicator diseases in general practice; and also investigate how patients with HIV known to their general practice are managed.  
Laura Horsfall
Research Associate
Laura is using THIN data to look at the epidemiology and outcomes associated with a common genetic condition.  Profile
Louise Marston
Senior Research Associate
Louise is working on antipsychotic prescribing to those with and without a diagnosis of severe mental illness. Profile
Irwin Nazareth
Professor of Primary Care and Population Science
Irwin’s research interests include the physical health of people with psychological disorders; the prevention and management of depression and unexplained medical symptoms such as dizziness and sexual dysfunction in primary care; the evaluation of interventions on the implementation of research in clinical practice and those designed to change individuals' health behaviour especially smoking and weight management. His methodological expertise is in the design and conduct of systematic reviews; randomised trials of complex interventions and the use of large clinical databases such CPRD and THIN for epidemiological, aetiological and health service research. Profile
Tra My Pham
PhD Student
Tra is a PhD student researching new multiple imputation methods for missing data in primary care electronic health records.  
Greta Rait
Reader in Primary Care
Greta's expertise is in both complex intervention trials in the challenging setting of primary and community care, and in primary care epidemiology, particularly with complex primary care datasets. She is Deputy Director of PRIMENT Clinical Trials Unit, as well as being a practising GP. She has been involved in work with STIs and HIV using primary care databases as well as trials, including a STI partner notification trial (NIHR HTA) with colleagues at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. She is co-lead for Theme B at the HPRU. She leads the Infections Group at PCPH. As Academy Lead (HPRU) she is responsible for establishing and developing a cadre of future researchers in infections (6 PhD studentships). Profile
Manuj Sharma
PhD Student
Manuj is a clinical pharmacist undertaking a PhD looking at prescribing patterns, safety and effectiveness of medications used in Type 2 Diabetes.  
Kate Walters
Reader in Primary Care and Epidemiology
Kate is Director of the Centre for Ageing & Population Studies, UCL. Her main research interests are in ageing, primary care epidemiology and trials of complex interventions in primary care and community settings. This includes both epidemiological studies and complex interventions in the fields of health and well-being for older people, disease risk/prevention, mental health and health inequalities. In addition she is an expert clinical adviser for the NIHR Research Design Service London and the Royal College of General Practitioners, and a Trialist with PRIMENT UK-CRC Registered Clinical Trials Unit, which specialises in trials of complex interventions in primary care and mental health settings. Alongside her academic work, she continues in clinical practice as a General Practitioner in North London. Profile
Mandy Wan
PhD Student
Mandy is a paediatric pharmacist undertaking an NIHR funded PhD looking at prescribing patterns of vitamin D in children.   

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